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Q: What was Darzee's motive for helping Rikki?
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Who is life is more effective Rikkis or darzees?

Rikki because he saved many lives.

What are the character traits of darzees wife in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi?

she is kind, clever, and protective

Who helps Rikki tikki fight?

The father of the family ("the Big Man") kills Nag with a shotgun blast & Darzees' wife distracts Nagaina so Rikki can destroy her clutch of eggs.

Why did Rikki tikki tavi bites nargaina eggs?

he bit her eggs because she ate one of darzees eggs that fell out of the nest.

What is Rikki's motive for figthing Nagaina What did he want?

because Rikki tikki wants to kill the eggs

What was nagaina's motive fighting Rikki?

he was going to kill her and her eggs

What was Nagaina's motive of fighting Rikki?

lick me were i poo lol

How does chuchuchandra help Rikki?

by helping him at the great war

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi what or the role of the wives in the story?

Despite the relatively chauvinistic times the story of Rikki-tikki-tavi is set, the wives play a considerably important part. Teddy's unnamed mother is central to the decision for Rikki-tikki to remain in the household, Darzees' wife has an important part in Rikki-tikkis' plan to destroy Nagainas' eggs and ultimatley Nagaina proves to be a more dangerous enemy than her husband Nag.

What is the conflict in Rikky tikky tavi?

The first situational conflict in Rikki-tikki-tavi is the flood which washes him out of his burrow. Between characters, the first conflict occurs "off screen" when Nag eats one of Darzees eggs. The first character conflict Rikki-tikki faces is when Nagaina attacks him from behind whie he is talking to Nag.

Who are the minor characters in Rikki tikki-tavi?

Rikki-tikki teddy darzee darzees wife nag nagina chua chuchundra karait

How can you motive your classmates to have school spirit?

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