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I don't know what your meaning, like clothes or furniture. I know that the jacobean funiture was more rounded and had the popular claw and ball feet on the bottom of the tables and chairs, while Elizabethan was more squared or rounded and more decorated legs but normal feet on the bottoms.

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Q: What was Elizabethan London like compared to jacobean London?
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What were living conditions like in Elizabethan London?

We are living in the Elizabethan times.

What was Elizabethan London like?

no me gusta

What did elizabethan theatre look like?

quite old compared to know

What did london look like in elizabethan times?

dirty and the streets were narrow

What was the atmosphere like in the globe theatre in Shakespeare's time?

When you think about it, this question can't be answered. You can talk about what we know about the big public Elizabethan and Jacobean theatres like the Globe. You can go to Shakespeare's Globe in London or watch films made about such productions (like Shakespeare in Love or Olivier's Henry V) to try to capture that feeling. But like all questions along the line of "What was it like to be there?" the answer is "You had to be there and experience it for yourself."

Who was the Lord Mayor of London during the Elizabethan time?

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Why did the Elizabethan audience like Macbeth?

They probably didn't. The play was not published during Shakespeare's lifetime and shows signs of revision by another playwright, both of which suggest that it was not popular. And in any event, the audience which watched it was technically Jacobean and not Elizabethan, since Macbeth was written after Queen Elizabeth's death.

How big was where the Aztecs live compared to Rome and London?

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What was it like to watch a play in the globe theatre?

You can find out by attending a play at Shakespeare's Globe in London or in another replica of an Elizabethan theatre.

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Elizabethan theater involved several theater companies of actors and playwrights. In London the globe theater was in use and Shakespeare was performing his works. There were no female actresses during Elizabethan times, instead young teenage boys would play female roles.

What was storytelling like in the Elizabethan times?

The best storyteller in Elizabethan times was Shakespeare.

How was shakespeare connect with Elizabethan literature?

Shakespeare lived in the Elizabethan period and wrote literary things, like poetry.

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