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Q: What was George S Patton's favorite food?
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What were george s Pattons hobbie's?

horse riding ; hunting ; smoking cigars ; military history

What is George Straits favorite food?

George Strait's favorite color is Navy Blue.

George S Pattons lost son?

His son, also named George S. Patton commanded the 11ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) Blackhorse in Vietnam in 1968. He just passed away this century.

What is Choi Minho 's favorite food?

What is Choi Minho 's favorite food? What favorite food of choi minho

Who were pattons siblings?

General George S. Patton had a sister named Nita. He had no other siblings. He did have 3 kids of his own, one of whom was named after him and became a soldier too.

What was the name of general george s Pattons wife?

BEATRICE AYER (Jan 12 1886- Sept 30, 1953). Married George S. Patton Junior on May 26, 1910 remained married till the General's death on December 21, 1945.

What was george s Pattons moms name?

George Smith Patton was born in San Gabriel Township, California (in what is now the city of San Marino), to George Smith Patton, Sr. (1856 – 1927) and Ruth Wilson (1861 – 1928). Source: Wikipedia

Who were general george s Pattons parents?

His father was lawyer and his mother was a homemaker from a wealthy California land owning family. Because of hard times George's father foresake a military career like all of his family members. He hoped his son Georgie would continue the tradition, which he did. It should be noted that Gen. Pattons son also chose a military career and gained the rank of General.

Where is Foy the village located?

The village Foy is located in Belgium, near the town of Bastogne. The town is famous for its occupation by George S Pattons Third army during World War II.

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What was George Washingtons favoritesubject inschool?

Math was George Washington`s favorite subject in school.

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