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Planter and landowner, surveyor and distiller, military officer.

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What was George Washingtons occupation before he became President?

Planter and land owner, surveyor and distiller, experienced military officer

What was george washingtons occupation before the revolutionary war?

Tobacco farmer

What was george washingtons job before president?

general or leader of colonial army

Which of george washingtons actions is still used by US presidents today?

He was in the military before he was president

What were George Washingtons accomplishments before becoming president?

he always did his homework and went to sleep at 8:00 in the morning

What was George Bush former occupation?

Before George bush was a president, his former occupation was governor of Texas. He unsuccessfully ran for House of representatives before that and also co-owned the baseball team, the Texas Rangers.

What was George Washington occupation before becoming president?

Surveyor, Plantation owner and Officer in British Army

What occupation did George Washington do before becoming president?

Planter and landowner; surveyor and distiller, military officer

What was George Washingtons name before it was changed?

George Washington's name was NEVER changed.

What was gorge washingtons job before becoming president?

He was a surveyor

What was the former occupation of George W. Bush before he was US president?

He was the sitting Governor of the state of Texas.

What was George Washington's occupation before being president?

He was a planter, surveyor and distiller, Congressional representative and military officer.

What is Lyndon Johnson occupation before president?

Vice President.

What was George Bush's occupation before he became president?

George Walker Bush is an American politician and businessman who was the 43rd President of the United States of America from 2001 to 2009 and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000

What was gorge w bushes occupation before becoming president?

President George W. Bush was in the oil business, co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team and served as the governor of Texas before becoming president of the United States.

What was George Washingtons occupatio before he was involved in politics?

Surveyor. Farmer. Soldier in colonial militia.

What was John Tylers occupation before he was president?


What was john Adams occupation before he was president?

He was a lawyer

What was obamas occupation before coming president?


What was Lincoln's occupation before he was a president?

i dnt know this

What job did Eisenhower have before he was president?

Before Dwight Eisenhower was a president his occupation was a 5 star General.

What occupation did George Washington and Jimmy Carter have in common?

Both Presidents were farmers. President George Washington was a planter and a farmer at his home in Mount Vernon. Before he was President, Jimmy Carter ran his family's peanut farm in Plains, Georgia.

What was John Tyler's occupation before he became president?

Tyler was a lawyer, a planter and politician before he became President.

Who did the cooking in George Washingtons family?

Martha Washington(his wife) and before that his mother Mary ball Washington.

Was George Bush Jr President before Obama?

Yes - George W. Bush was President before Obama.