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Hitler's idea for a perfect society was no gypsies, Jews, homosexuals,ect. In his eyes Germans should be the dominate race, also he thought blonde hair and blue eyes were the perfect look for a human. Yet hiter had dark hair and eyes.

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Hitlers perfect society was considered to be made up of?


Adolf Hitlers perfect society was considered to be made up of?


Hitlers attitude towards the handicapped?

I think he didn't like them because he wanted to have a perfect society and societal liabilities were unacceptable.

What was Plato's idea of a perfect society describe in?

Plato's idea of a perfect society was described in The Republic. He wrote it around 380 BC, and it is considered to be one of his most influential works.

What was the ayran race?

The Ayran race was Hitlers idea of perfect and pure in consisted of blonde hair and blue eyed people.

Can a perfect society exist?

No. It is impossible. Someone's idea of an utopia will always contradict with another's idea.

What was hitlers perfect race?

The Aryan race

What was the name of hitlers perfect race?

his perfect race was called the ayrian race

What was hitlers perfect race called?

Aryan race

What is the main idea of the giver by Lois Lowry?

there can never be a perfect society. even if there is one, its filled with lies.

What was Hitlers attitude towards the handicapped?

He actually didnt like them because if you were handicap you werent perfect and he wanted perfect

What was Hitlers perfect person plan?

He was wanting a perfect race of people with the appearances: blond hair, blue eyes.

How did Aristotle and Plato's idea of government differ?

Plato wanted to achieve is a perfect society through rebuilding. Aristotle was unconcerned with creating a new, perfect society. He wanted to improve on the existing one through a deductive approach.

Is there a perfect society?

Believe it or not, for the past 6 years, Iraq have the PERFECT society.

What were hitlers view or ideas for the future?

he wanted to control the world and make his perfect Germans

What is hitlers reason for killing all of those people?

He did not see a place for them in his society.

When did Hitlers Suicid happen?

i have know dam idea thats why im asking!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the idea of utopia?

the idea of a utopia is to create a perfect society, yet people have different oppinions of what perfection is, so it depends on the utopia you want to create. hope it helps! -your friend from mexico!

Adolf Hitlers book Mein Kampf preached what idea?

That jews were inferior to aryans

What are the rules to a perfect society?

There really is no such thing as a perfect society. As long as there are people, societies will be as flawed as people are. And if you don't have people, there's no society.

What was Hitlers description of a perfect race?

blonde hair blue eyes and i think about five feet tall

Is there such a thing as a perfect TV show?

There can be such a thing as a perfect television show. The perfect show can mean different things to different people, my idea of a perfect show may not be your idea of a perfect show.

What is a perfect society?

Many people have ideas of how a perfect society would be. It could be one where everyone lives freely and be happy. It is often described as a perfect place or Utopia.

What was adolf hitlers biggest mark on society?

the biggest mark was the halocaust when he illed most of all the Jews

Is the society that The Giver talks about is it perfect?