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His father had the same name - Isaac newton.

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Q: What was Isaac Newton's Father's name?
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Who was Sr. Isaac Newtons father?

His fathers name was Isaac Newton,and his stepfathers name is Barnaby i think

What was isaac newtons dads name?

Isaac Newton

How was Isaac newtons farther and mother?

he was born three months after his fathers death

What was Isaac Newtons full name?

Isaac Newton was his full name

What was Isaac Newtons middle name?

Sir Isaac Newton had no other name.

What was Isaac newtons accomplishments?

what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.? what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.?

Isaac newtons whole name?

His full name was Sir Isaac Newton

What is the name of isaac newton's dog?

Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo.

What was isaac newtons grandmothers name?

Her name was lost in history.

What was sir isaac newtons farthers name?

Isaac's father was also named Isaac Newton.

What was isaac newtons moms name?

it is Hannah Ayscough

What is the name if Sir Isaac Newtons dog?


What is sir isaac newtons last name?


What is Isaac Newtons grandmother name?

Margery Ayscough

Did they name Fig Newtons after Sir Isaac Newton?


What was isaac newtons nationality?

isaac newtons nationality was english,iloveyou isaac newton!

Who was Isaac newtons sidekick?

hmM . . . isaac newtons sidekick is her son!!

A title before Isaac Newtons name?

try "sir"

What was the name of Isaac Newtons most important book?

how to have sex

Did they name fig newtons after Isaac newton?

No, they were named after a town

What is Sir Isaacs Newtons middle name?

Isaac Newton had no middle name

What is iaasc newtons real name?

His name was Lawrence Isaac Newton James.

Who made newtons?

No one made newtons. It is the name given to a unit of force, named after Isaac Newton.

What is sir Isaac newtons full name?

His birth name was Isaac Newton; he had no other names.He was knighted in 1705 and thereafter his whole name was "Sir Isaac Newton"

Was nicholas poytnz Isaac newtons great grandfather?

There is no mention of such a name in the family tree of Isaac Newton.