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Jack The Ripper was never identified or caught.

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He was never identified or caught although there are a couple suspects, never proven./

There is no difference between the meaning - they both mean the same thing (although I think 'was caught' makes a little more sense than 'got caught.') The only real difference is the limiting of subjects.Like, for 'was caught,' the subject is limited to I was caught and he/she was caught. If you wanted to use you, they, or we, it would be were caught.But for 'got caught,' anyone can get caught. I got caught, you got caught, we got caught, they got caught, and she/he got caught all makes sense and is grammatically correct.

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Several reasons but one was because of his method of killing and he never got caught.

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he got caught and was killed in jail

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it when he traveled to and got caught.

Not yet he just got caught with a imate performing sex acts and got caught wit drugs in his anis

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