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Johnny's last name in the outsiders was Cade

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Johnnys last name the outsiders?

Johnny "Johnnycake" Cade

What are johnnys last words in The Outsiders?

"Stay Gold, Ponyboy, Stay Gold..."

Johnnys middle name the outsiders?

His name is Johnny Cade but it didn't say his middle name in the book if he ever had a middle name.

Why is johnnys death the climax of the outsiders?

because everything leads up to it

What was bobs last name from outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Bob's last name is Sheldon. His real name is Robert Sheldon.

What was the peroxide for in the book called the outsiders?

To dye Johnnys hair so the police wouldn't find them.

What is ponyboys last name form the outsiders?

Ponyboy's last name is "Curtis."

What was marica's last name in the outsiders?

Marcia was never given a last name.

In the Outsiders what is Marcia's last name?

In The Outsiders, no last name was ever mentioned for the character of Marcia. The actress who portrayed Marcia was Michelle Meyrink.

What was Bob's last name in the Outsiders?

Sheldon is his last name. His Real name is Robert Sheldon

What is sandy's last name in the outsiders?

The book doesn't say Sandy's last name.

What is Dallys last name in The Outsiders?

His name was Dallas (Dally) Winston.

The outsiders what was Johnnys feelings about dying?

Johnny felt about dying is that he was young but he doesn't care because he died as a hero.

How does johnnys mom look like in the outsiders?

Straight black hair and big black eyes (pg 108)

Bob From the outsiders last name?

His name is Bob Sheldon His real name is Robert Sheldon Sheldon is his last name

What is cherry from the outsiders last name?

Cherry Valance is her full name. ~Sarah

Why did Dally blame himself for Johnnys death in the novel The Outsiders?

he blamed himself because he could have protected him nd he didnt

What was johnnys favorite part of Gone With the Wind from the book outsiders?

The Southern Gentleman because he thought they were like Dally, his idol.

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