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She did the movie "Duplicity" and it was released in aout 2008, 2009 Julia Roberts' last movie was Charlotte's Web where she played the voice of Charlotte. It was released in 2006. Her last movie that she appeared in was Ocean's 12.

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What movie does Julia Roberts pretend to be Julia Roberts?

Oceans 12

Which was the movie that Julia Roberts was a witch?

I do not know of, nor can I find anything online about a movie in which Julia Roberts portrayed a witch.

Movie where Julia Roberts has troubled boyfriend?

the movie where Julia Roberts has controlling and violent boyfriend is called Sleeping With The Enemy

What type of handbag did Julia Roberts have im the movie notting hill?

what designer handbag did julia roberts have in the movie notting hill

The--- Bully Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts voiced a character in the animated movie The Ant Bully (2006).

What movie was Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts in together?

Blood Red

What was Julia Roberts name in the movie Steel Magnolias?

Julia Roberts portrayed Shelby Eatenton in the 1989 drama.

Which movie did Julia Roberts play a waitress in?

The movie "Mystic Pizza"

Who played Tinkerbell in the movie Hook'?

Julia Roberts

What movie stars wear dentures?

julia roberts

Which movie had Julia Roberts as a nurse?

Dying young

Julia Roberts starred in this movie?

Sleeping with the Enemy

In what movie did Julia Roberts play a photographer?


What is Julia Roberts favorite movie?

Mirror mirror

What movie star has a great smile?

Julia Roberts

What movie did Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson star in together?

Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts starred in Conspiracy Theory(1997).

Who was the superstar actress that Julia Roberts played in a movie?

Julia Roberts played an actress named "Anna Scott" in the movie Notting Hill. Opposite Hugh Grant.

Is Julia Roberts Jewish?

No, Julia Roberts is not Jewish. Julia Roberts is not of Jewish ancestry, nor has Julia Roberts converted to Judaism.

In which movie did Julia Roberts play a witch?

Julia Roberts played the part of an evil witch in the movie, Mirror Mirror, from 2012. The movie was based on the story, 'Snow White,' by the Brothers Grimm.

Who is Julia Roberts last husband?

Danny ModerDanny Moder

Is Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts related?

Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

Who was the female star of the movie pretty woman?

Julia Roberts

Who is the highest paid movie actoress in the world?

Julia Roberts

Who plays Tinkerbell on the movie 'Hook'?

No, it was Julia Roberts.

In which movie did Julia Roberts battle with Susan Saradon?