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the yard teacher

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Q: What was Louis Sachar's elementary school nickname?
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What was Louis Sachars nickname at hillside elementary school?

stupid dommy

What was Louis Sachars first?

Sideways stories from Wayside school

What was Louis Sachars first book?

Sideways stories from Wayside school

What are Louis sachars interest?

horse riding

What are five of Louis Sachars hobbies?

did louis sachar have any hobbys

Why is Louis sachars dog so clever?

i dk

Where was Louis Sachars home?

Louis Sachar lives in Austin, Texas.

When was Louis Sachars birthday?

Louis Sachar was born on March 20, 1954.

What elementary school did Louis Pasteur?

i think sgonberry

When did Louis Pasteur go in Elementary school?


What is Louis sachars favourite animal?

No preference has been stated

What are Louis Sachars parents called?

Louis Sachar's parents are named Marvin and Ruth Sachar.