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Martin Luther King's speech was called "I have a dream".


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yes,many people hated martin luther king jrs speech because they thought that people that liked it would go suiside.

who was martin Luther king jrs mentors

martin Luther king jrs role model was Mohandas Gandhi

His speech motivated people to protest with him in greater numbers.

martin Luther king jrs role mode was - Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi he was a role model for king jr.

His speech did not change but the speech changed the world. His speech was to make the white and black people friends. And he did this by one speech.

martin Luther king jr's favorite sport was football .

Yolanda King, Martin Luther King III, Dexter Scott King, Bernice King

he had to fight for the people

whats martin Luther kings favorite sport?

martin Luther king jrs. real name was Michael.

On 30th January, 1956, a bomb was thrown into the house of Martin Luther King

Yolanda and Bernice. Martin the 3rd and Dexter

martin luther king jrs dad was mrtin luther king because martin luther kings dad named his son after himself so thats why it has a jr at the end

they are Bernice King Dexter King Marty King

yes because one of them were at the elections for Obama and made a speech!!! :D

Martin Luther King Jr lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott and lead the Human Rights Movement.

Being a leader after his father died.

he was a bettie bettie good talker

Yes he was, but for race issues.

Being deceased he does not have a favourite.

He was shot somewhere in the stomach

I really don't know. I like chips

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