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She was the 5th believed to have been killed by Jack the ripper. She turned to prostitution when her husband died in an explosion.

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What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

Why did they call jack the ripper jack the ripper?

He was brutal and ripped open the women he killed.

How was Jack the Ripper killed?

Jack The Ripper was never caught so we don't know how he died.

Who was the 1st person to get killed by Jack the Ripper?

The first victim was most likely Martha Tabram, killed on August 7, 1888, weeks before Mary Ann Nichols.

Who was the first person that got killed by Jack the Ripper?

The first victim of Jack The Ripper is Mary Ann Nichols.

How did ripper kill?

If you mean Jack the Ripper, he killed his victims with a knife, cutting the throats of women and then cutting out vital organs.

Is the serial killer Jack the Ripper real?

Jack the Ripper really existed and killed a lot of women in London. No one knows who he was or why he killed. He really did live. Look him up at Wikipedia.com .

When did Jack the Ripper kill Mary Ann Nichols?

She was the first canonical victims killed by Jack the ripper on 31st August 1888.

How many did the Cardiff Ripper kill?

lots of people think that the Cardiff Ripper killed more than 5+ innocent lifes.

When was Jack the Ripper so famous?

Jack the Ripper is the moniker for a serial killer who killed homeless prostitutes beginning in 1888 in London.

Is the New York Ripper in the movie somehow connected to Jack the Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper?

The only connection is the word Ripper. Jack The Ripper is the name for a 19th century serial killer that killed prostitutes in London's impoverished east end known as Whitechapel. The Yorkshire Ripper is Peter Suttcliff who was convicted of 13 murders in 1981. The New York Ripper is a fictonal character.

How did the Yorkshire Ripper kill?

Peter Sutcliffe, also known as the Yorkshire Ripper, killed at least 13 young girls and women by stabbing.

How many people kills Jack the Ripper?

As far as we know, no one killed Jack the Ripper. It would be hard to determine, since we don't even know who Jack the Ripper actually was.If you are asking how many people he killed, we believe he killed five, though it could be as few as three or as many as six. Additional possibilities are sometimes thrown in as well.

What did Jack the Ripper do to people?

He killed and ripped woman's bodies. The police received a boasting letter from a man claiming to be the killer. It was signed Jack The Ripper.

What happened on London 1880-1886?

Jack the ripper killed everyone!

Did Jack the Ripper kill men?

No...he only killed women who worked as prostitutes.

What did Jack the Ripper do for a living?

Jack the Ripper was a horrible man born quite awhile ago. He killed innocent prostitutes. They never found Jack the Ripper but they believe he did this because he got a sexual disease from a prostitute.

When was Mary Jane kelly killed?

Mary Jane Kelly was killed on 9th November 1888 in Whitechapel by Jack the Ripper

Where was Elizabeth Stride found when she was killed by Jack The Ripper?

Stride was killed on Berner Street, Whitechapel, on September 30, 1888.

Who killed Jack the Ripper?

The killer known as Jack The Ripper has never been identified, at least to the point of little remaining doubt. It is possible that JTR could have been killed, but just as likely that he died of natural causes. At this point it would be only speculation as to the identity of the Ripper, and further speculation as to how he met his demise.

How did terrible housing help Jack the Ripper?

There were a lot of places were the ripper could hide while making the killing. As far as we know, the ripper killed 5 prostitutes and there was a double event which one could not be a ripper killing. So apart from being a prostitute and drunk in the early hours of the morning, the chances of being attacked by the ripper are minimum.

How many women got killed by Jack the Ripper?

It is generally accepted today that Jack the Ripper had five victims. But the Whitechapel Murders File, under the generic heading of which the Jack the Ripper murders are included, actually has eleven murders on it.

What were the places that Jack the Ripper killed his victims?

The area of Whitechapel and adjacent districts of London.

Did Jack the Ripper kill from 1988 until 1990?

No. He killed five victims in 1888

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