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Q: What was Mickey Goldmill's famous speech to Rocky?
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The movie Rocky what was the name of Rocky's trainer?


How did rocky meet mickey?

becuse the were and they

Where was Rocky's trainer Mickey buried in the film Rocky III?

A synagogue.

Who was rocky trainer in the original rocky?

In the film, his trainer was Mickey Goldmill, who in the story is an ex-bantamweight boxer from the 20's and the owner of the gym that Rocky starts out in.

How did Mickey die in rocky?

Heart attack

Was Rocky Balboa based on a true story?

rocky films are considered based off the story of rocky marciano, but that is not true. rocky is actually historical fiction, because in rocky IV he goes to russia to fight Ivan drago during the cold war. rocky is not off rocky marciano because in rocky V rocky has a flash back about mickey his trainer, and mickey in the flash back gives him a neckless . mickey received this neckless from rocky marciano, at the same time that rocky balboa was a fighter in the movie.

Who is Mickey in the movie Rocky?

His mom... no just kidding. Mickey is mad at rocky because rocky was being a bum. He saw rocky had talent but was afraid to use it. At least I think I don't remember to well has been years since I've seen rocky

Why did they have mickey die in rocky 3?

His heart gave out because he knew Rocky was going to lose. Rocky was "keeping him alive" (said in Rocky V.) And Rocky was going to "die" in the ring.

Rap song with rocky Balboa speech to son in the intro?

Rap song with rocky balboa speech to son in the intro?

What was his onscreen name of the coach in the rocky movies?

Mickey Goldmill played by Burgess Meredith.

Where did rocky train?

The primary location for the first two movies was Mickey's gym. In Rocky III, he trains with Apollo at locations in Los Angeles, and on the Pacific Ocean beach at Santa Monica. In Rocky IV, he trains in Russia (the Ural Mountains). The actual locations are in Wyoming and British Columbia. In Rocky V, he trains Tommy Gunn at Mickey's gym (willed to Rocky's son).

What did Mickey Goldmill do to help Rocky Balboa's balance?

Made Rocky chase after chickens, and also tied his feet together when he was punching the bag.