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In Montana
The Territory of Montana existed from May 26, 1864 until November 8, 1889, when it was admitted to the Union as the State of Montana.
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What is Montana?

Answer . Montana, called "The Treasure State" was admitted to the union in 1889. It is the 4th largest state in area and the 44th largest in population. Montana is located in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions, bordering Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Canada. Montana has ( Full Answer )

What is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a show about a girl named Miley Stewart. She lives two lives: a teen pop sensation and an average high school girl. Get ready for the HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE :D She is also a freaking lesbien teenager who is a freak and a nerd. That show is 4 six year old stupid littler kids. She is a ( Full Answer )

Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional pop star on a TV show by the samename. She is played by an actress named Miley Ray Cyrus, also knownby her birth name Destiny Hope Cyrus. she is a well known singer/ songwriter. Her name Hannah Montana originated from a show that she began at the early age of 15. She wa ( Full Answer )

What is the capitol of Montana?

Helena Helena. It's also the county seat of Lewis and Clark County with a population of 63,395 and growing. It's known for its wild deers and minor league baseball.

How do you be in Hannah Montana?

Go to this site; It has updates for any acting calls for Disney Channel (Including Hannah Montana). http://actinginfo.blogspot.com/

Were is Hannah Montana at?

She has 2 homes. One is in Nashville, Tennessee, the other is at Los Angeles, California. She could be at either one. If you want to see her house, you can pay for a tour. It is pretty expensive though. Hope this information helps.

Where is Montana?

The state of Montana is located in the northwest in the U.S.. The city of Montana, Bulgaria is located in northwestern Bulgaria. . Western USA . Western USA

Where in Montana is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character from the TV series of the same name, and the film Hannah Montana: The Movie . The character was played by Miley Cyrus, who currently lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Is Hannah Montana from Montana?

No. shes actually from Tennessee. Hannah Montana is just her name. In fact, she never once even performed a concert in her "namesake" state.

What is Montana famous for?

Big Sky, Rocky Mountains, Gold, Coal, Open Plains, 48th state, 4thlargest state is U.S., first state to have the open range. It isfamous for The Big Sky country.

What is the climate in Montana?

Cold,but not as bad as you think . 27 in January and 85 in July . it's cold in the winter, foggy in fall and warm in spring and summer

What is there to do in Montana?

If you are visiting Montana, one of the best things to go and see is Glacier National Park, in northwestern Montana. It is one of the biggest and (in my opinion) most beautiful National Parks we have in the country.

How big is Montana?

Montana is 147,042 sq. miles in area making it the 4th largest state in the US.

Who is Montana?

A Hall of Fame quarterback that won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers.

Minerals of Montana?

Butte, Montana is known as the "Richest Hill on Earth". It isloaded with minerals including gold, silver, and copper. During theperiod of 1898 to 1906, Butte miners and mine owners fought overthe rights of mining the copper veins.

Does Montana extradite?

Yes , to other states within the United States of America; no , to other countries. As in the case of the other 49 states, Montana tends to respect, and cooperate with, the other states on extradition requests. For extradition tends to be requested for the serious, felony charges. But neither Monta ( Full Answer )

What does Hannah Montana were?

she wears sparkly stuff but she picks what 2 wear and and like erm any way i am Hannah montna i actually just wanted 2 answer ppls questions lol and i love them all bye

University of Montana?

The University of Montana is located in Missoula, MT. It has the largest student population in Montana, barely ahead of Montana State.

What is Hannah Montana about?

Hannah Montana is basically about a young girl trying to live a normal life without anyone knowing she is a superstar and that she's living a double life. It gets a little hard after a while but, she maintains to do it in the day she is a normal middle school/high school girl and at night she's a te ( Full Answer )

Who or what is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is played by Destiny Hope Cyrus currently called Miley Ray Cyrus. The show aired in mid 2005, when Miley was about 12ish. She is popular among young children, most young girl teenagers envy or dislike her. She is 15 right now and does some grown up things. Anyway, she has her own band ( Full Answer )

How wide is Montana?

Its Northern border shared with Canada extends for 545 miles from Idaho to North Dakota.

What is the religion in Montana?

About 82 percent are Christian and 18 percent are non-religious with less then 1 percent representing other faiths.

What is Hannah Montana for?

Nothing.. Hannah Montana is special. Don't just dump on her. She is a good person inside. Her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. She plays on the show Hannah Montana. She gave her voice to the following movie Bolt now playing in theaters. go see Bolt in theaters soon it is a good movie I heard.

Who named Montana Montana?

J. M. Ashley Chosen from Latin dictionary by J. M. Ashley. It is a Latinized Spanish word meaning "mountainous."

Where is Montana the state?

Montana is in the northwestern part of the United States. Thestates that touch Montana are North Dakota, Idaho, South Dakota,and Wyoming.

What are facts about Montana?

Montana has the largest migratory elk herd in the nation. . The state boasts the largest breeding population of trumpeter swans in the lower United States. . At the Rocky Mountain Front Eagle Migration Area west of Great Falls more golden eagles have been seen in a single day than anywhere els ( Full Answer )

What is Hana Montana?

"Hannah Montana" is a kids television show on Disney Channel. It stars Miley Cyrus whom portrays a normal girl from Tennesee who is also a huge pop star (Hannah Montana) when she puts on her wig, cowboy boots, makeup and glamourous clothes! BF

Why is Montana called Montana?

I am not exactly sure why, but i think it might be called Montana because it is mountainous, like the spanish word Montana meaning mountain.

What is Montanas topography?

Mountains in the western one-third of the state; eastern two-thirds gently rolling northern great plains.

Are there kangaroos in Montana?

Kangaroos are native to Australia alone. If there are kangaroos in Montana, they will be wild ones which have escaped from zoos.

Is hanha Montana a?

Is hanha Montana a? She is not an a. Plus this question makes no sense, and you are being plain stupid.

Are tigers in Montana?

A friend of mine just said there were tigers living wild in Montana. Is she right?

Is Hannah Montana Hannah Montana or not Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a completely fictional character portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus, and is the alter-ego of the equally fictitious lead character, Miley Stewart, who is also portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus. Miley Stewart was originally called Chloe Stewart but was renamed by the producers after casting Mi ( Full Answer )

Is Montana in Canada?

No because Montana is right before the Canadian border and also counted as a US. state.

Does Montana have hurricanes?

No, hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water and they weaken quickly when they hit land. Montana is too far inland to get hurricanes. However, other types of storm can still produce hurricane force winds.

What can you do in Montana?

you can relax in the 70 degree weather and go swimming at the beach. You can do that in the summer.

Who is Montana isgro?

Montana Isgro is Mikey Fusco's girlfriend, I dunno if they broke up. :\ so yeah, that's who she is.

Who is Zach Montana?

zach montana is a singer for the NEXT BIG THING(N.B.T) on disney channel and he's a wanna be for Justine Beaver.

What will you do as Montana Senator?

I will faithfully execute the Branch of Legislation by Upholding, Defending, and Protecting the Constitution of the United States. so help me Adonai.

Which state was Montana?

Montana became a U.S. state on November 8, 1889. It became the 41ststate admitted to the Union.

What is in whitefish Montana?

Whitefish Montana is a beautiful town located in Flathead county. It is home to some of the best snow skiing in the country during the winter and many amazing tourist attractions during the summer including close proximity to Glacier National Park.

What is there to do in whitefish Montana?

There are plenty of fun things to do in Whitefish, Montana. There are several farmer's markets to visit to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and handmade items. There are two live theaters and a museum called the Whitefish museum that offers a look at the town's logging past.

Are there airports in Montana?

Yes. Did you want to know where or something about them? There are airports all over the world.

What lakes are in Montana?

Including Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in thewestern US, there are over 3,223 named lakes in Montana. See the Related Wikipedia Link listed below for more information:

What Montana raise?

Wheat is the major agriculture product in Montana. Barley, hay,beans, potatoes and sugar beets also are important agricultureproducts in Montana.

What does Montana mine?

Montana ranks #6 among the 50 U.S.states in coal production with annual production of 44.6 millionshort tons.

Who is my govener of Montana?

Steve Bullock is the 24th andcurrent Governor of Montana. He was elected in 2012 and reelectedin 2016. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The Governor inMontana serves a four year term with a two term limitation.

How cold does Montana get?

The coldest temperature recorded inMontana is -70 degrees Fahrenheit on January 20, 1954 at RogersPass, Montana.

What do people do in Montana?

They work on ranches. Wheat is the major agriculture product inMontana. Beef cattle are Montana's most important livestockproduct.