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Harry S. Truman did not have a middle name. The S stood for a compromise between the names of his two grandfathers -- Anderson Shippe Truman and Solomon Young. There has been considerable debate whether Truman's middle initial should be written with or without a period. Truman himself said more than once that it did not matter--that it could be written either way. See, for example, the illustration of Truman's letter of August 19, 1970, to (later) Congressman James E. Rogan in Rogan's 2004 autobiography "Rough Edges." Except for early in his life and in the last few years of his life, when the middle initial in his signature became essentially printed, Truman never signed his full signature using a period after the "S". When he signed his initials, though, he sometimes signed "HST" and sometimes signed "H.S.T."

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What was president Kennedy's middle name?

The middle name of President Kennedy was Fitzgerald.

What was president eisenhower's middle name?

President Eisenhower's middle name was David.

What president had Milton as a middle name?

An internet search did not find any US President with Milton as a middle name. President Nixon's middle name was Milhous.

What is president Nixons middle name?

President Nixon's middle name was "Milhous", his mother's maiden name.

Who was the second president and what is his middle name?

John Adams was the second President; he did not have any middle name.

What is President Ulysses middle name?

There was no President UlyssesUlysses was the first name of President Grant; his middle initial was "S" which did not stand for anything. His full middle name was "S"

Which president had middle name started with a T?

There has yet to be a US President with a middle name starting with "T"

What is the president's middle name?

President Obama has the middle name of Hussein.

What was Harry S Trumans political position?

u.s. senator Vice-President, then President, then ex-President. Always a Democrat.

What is President Roosevelt's middle name?

FDR has his mother's name, Delano, for his middle name. Theodore Roosevelt did not have a middle name.

Richard Nixon middle name?

President Nixon's middle name was Milhouse.

What US president had the middle name Reid?

None of them have the middle name of Reid.

Harry Trumans middle name?

Truman middle name has been the subject of much debate. I believe the current version is that he was given only the initial , S., as a compromise to honor both of his grandfathers both of whom had "S" as an initial.

Does president martin van buren have a middle name?

No. Van Buren did not have a middle name. It was not unusual in his day for a person not to have a middle name.

What was unusual about trumans presidency?

He was not elected, as he was the vice president he took the office when Roosvelt died.

The Berlin airlift was president trumans response to the?

Blockade of West Berlin by East Germany.

Who was the first president not to have a middle name?

George Washington was actually the first United States President who did not have a middle name. He served from 1789 to 1797.

What was Andrew Jackson's middle name?

Former American President Andrew Jackson did not have a middle name.

Teddy Roosevelts middle name?

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President, had no middle name.

What is the first presidents middle name?

George Washington, the first US president, did not have a middle name.

Is there a president that has a name or middle name that start with X?

No- no US president has ever had X as an initial.

What is Woodrow Wilsons middle name?

President Wilson went by his middle name of Woodrow. His first name was Thomas.

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