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It is thought to be "in the wee small hours of the morning" by Frank Sinatra

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What is Queen Elizabeths Favorite Color?


What was Queen Elizabeths favorite food?

Coronation chicken

What is queen elizabeths favorite food?

it is macironi cheese

What is queen elizabeths favorite TV show?


What is the name of queen elizabeths favorite dog?

courgy dogs

Who is Queen Elizabeths husband?

queen elizabeths husband is prince phillip

What colour was Queen Elizabeths eyes?

Queen Elizabeths II Eyes are Green

What were the favorite colors of Queen Elizabeth I?

There is no record of her stating any preference.queen elizabeths favourite animal is a dog ( cogi)

What was the name of Queen Elizabeths half sisters?

Queen Elizabeths half sister was name Mary

What are Katy Perry's favorite song?

She said her favorite song of all time is Killer Queen by Queen.

Who was queen Elizabeths husband?

* *

What is the name of Queen Elizabeths mother?

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeths religion?

Queen Elizabeth I was Anglican.

NIckname of Queen Elizabeths Mother?

The Queen Mum

What is queen Elizabeth s favourite song?

like me is queen Elizabeth's favorite song

What relationship is the queen to queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria is queen elizabeths great great grandmother

Who was the queen of scots who was also elizabeths cousin?

Mary, Queen of Scots

What is Katy Perrys faviroute song?

Katy Perrys favorite song is Killer Queen by Queen.

Who was queen elizabeths sister?

margaret margaret

What was Queen Elizabeths early life?

it was the fteys

Did Queen Elizabeths problems?

She was a forgotten priencess

What is Queen Elizabeths maiden name?


Was Queen Elizabeths grandmother a queen?

Her paternal grandmother was a Queen Consort. Her maternal grandmother was a Countess.

What happened to Queen Elizabeths husband?

If you mean Queen Elizabeth the first, she did not have a husband.

Queen elizabeths full name?

Queen Elizabeth I was born Elizabeth Tudor.