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Rosa Parks uncles name was Robert McCauley.

I found this answer in the book: My story Rosa Parks, by Rosa Parks

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Q: What was Rosa parks grand father name?
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What was Rosa Parks parents names?

The name of Rosa Parks parents were James and Leona McCauley

What is Rosa Parks's birth name?

Rosa Parks' birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

What is Rosa Parks' birth name?

Rosa Parks' birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

What was Rosa Parks' mother's name?

Rosa Park's mother's name was Leona Edwards McCauley; her father was James McCauley.

What was Rosa Parks' father's name?

James McCauley was his name, but people called him Jim.

What is the birth name of Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks's birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley.

What is Rosa Parks's real name?

Rosa Parks real name is Rosa Louise McCauley

Rosa Parks middle name?

Rosa Parks middle name is: Louise

Who is Rosa Parks?

Rosa Park's mothers name was Leona McCauley and her father's name was James McCauley. She had a younger brother, named Sylvester.

Names of Rosa Parks family?

what is rosa parks name

Does Rosa parks have a husband if yes What is his name?

yes Rosa parks has a husband and his name is Raymond parks.

What was Rosa Parks last name?

Rosa Parks' last name for most of her life was Parks. (Her maiden name was McCauley.)