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He is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. In legend he banished snakes from Ireland.

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Q: What was Saint Patrick famous for?
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Who are the 2 famous dragon slayers?

Saint Jorge and Saint Patrick

What Saint Patrick famous for?

He is most famous for converting Ireland to Christianity.

What is the name Patrick derived from?

from saint Patrick famous saint from Ireland you need to celebrate next week 17 march that your day if your called Patrick

Who was the famous saint from Ireland?

Saint Patrick is the best known of the Irish saints.

Is Ireland famous for Saint Patrick Day?


In folklore what is Saint Patrick famous for?

Ridding Ireland of snakes.

Why is Saint Patrick so famous in Ireland?

St. Patrick converted much of Ireland to Christianity.

Who was a missionary that made Ireland famous for piety and learning?

saint Patrick

Who is a really famous saint?

A few examples:Blessed Virgin MarySaint JosephAll the apostlesSaint Nicholas of MyraSaint Patrick

Who was a famous immigrant?

The most famous Irish immigrants were; Saint Patrick, Kader Asmal, Jack Charlton...

Is Saint Patrick a saint?

Yes, Saint Patrick is a saint. That is why he has the title "Saint" before his name.

What is Saint Patrick the Archangel the patron saint of?

Saint Patrick is not an archangel.

Was Saint Patrick a thief?

No, Saint Patrick was not a thief.

Who did Saint Patrick marry?

Saint Patrick was not married.

Is Saint Patrick really a saint?

Yes, St. Patrick is really a saint.

What links Saint Patrick to Down Patrick?

Saint Patrick is buried in Down Patrick, Northern Ireland

Is Saint Patrick the Patron Saint of this country?

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, Montserrat and Nigeria.

Is Saint Patrick the patron saint of Scotland Walls or Ireland?

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

What is sain Patrick famous for?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is famous for 1.) Converting Ireland to Christianity 2.) Driving all the snakes out of Ireland (probably a myth)

Of which country is Saint Patrick the patron saint?

Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and Nigeria.

Was Saint Patrick a boy or girl?

Saint Patrick was a man. Saint Patricia was a woman.

What did Saint Patrick do to be named after Saint Patrick's Day?

You have it backwards. Saint Patrick's Day was named after Saint Patrick. March 15 is the Catholic feast day of Saint Patrick.

Is Saint Patrick the patron saint of Portugal?

No, Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and Nigeria, not Portugal.

What country is Saint Patrick the patron saint of?

Patrick is the patron saint of both Ireland and Nigeria.

What place was Saint Patrick the bishop of?

Saint Patrick was the bishop of Ireland.