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Mufasa was Simba's father's name in The Lion King.

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There are a couple lionesses in The Lion King but the main characters are Nala, Simbas Queen, and Sarabi, Simbas Mom.

mufasa, simbas dad who dies then simba becomes king

The name of Simba's mother is Sarabi.

Her name is Nala, she is mischievous as a cub, and loyal and sensible as an adult.

In the movie The Lion King II, Simba has a daughter named Kiara. (Key-are-ah)

The...MOVIEMAN! 😀Just kidding! It's Sarabi!

The name of the bad lion on The Lion King is Scar.

There are no hedgehogs in the lion king.

The name of the bird in the Lion King is Zazu.

there was no snake IN The Lion King..

The Lion King (Simba) mom's name is Sarabi.

Kiara was the name of daughter in Lion king 2

Louis VIII was known as the "Lion"- King of France.

Mufasa in the begging and Simba in the end

Rafiki in the lion king Rafiki in the lion king

pumpas friend on the lion king is called Timon

The lion king films, have already chosen the best names for a lion.

Natalie Cole fathers name was Nat King Cole.

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