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Q: What was The third most watched series finale of a TV SERIES?
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What was the third most watched series finale of a tv series of all-time?

Seinfeld - Amazing by the way 5*'s in my book

How many people viewed the Seinfeld series finale?

The final two episodes had an audience of 76 million people. It was the third highest series finale in the US.

How many books will there be in the Hush Hush series?

The book series has four books. The first one if called Hush Hush, the second, Crescendo, the third Silence and the fourth Finale.

What is the third bok of warriors series?

The third book in the original series is Forest of Secrets Second series is: Dawn Third series is: Outcast Fourth Series will be: Night Whispers

On what TV stations can Horrid Henry be watched?

The TV stations Horrid Henry can be watched on is CITV and ITV. Horrid Henry debuted in May 2006. A second series broadcasted in February 2009 and a third series came out in July 2011.

Which episode and series was rated at the top before MASH?

Dallas season 3, episode 4 "Who Don it". It resolved the "Who Shot J.R.?" cliffhanger from the previous season. It is currently the third most watched TV episode behind the MASHfinale and Cheers finale

What do you call the third book in a series?

The third book in a series. Duhhh

What is the third book in the ingo series?

The Third book in the Ingo series is called 'The Deep'.

What is the third book in the Divergent series?

The third book in the series is titled Allegiant.

What happened to rose in the third series of doctor who?

Rose was not in the third series, she left in the second series after being trapped in a parallel world.

What is the third book in the Unearthly series?

The third book in Cynthia Hand's Unearthly series is Boundless.

Is there going tobe a third series of ashes to ashes?

yes there will be a third series of ashes to ashes.

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