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Q: What was William Lloyd garrisons greatest contribution to the case of abolition?
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What was William Lloyd Garrison's greatest contribution to the cause of abolition?

His publication of the newspaper the liberator

What was William Lloyd garrisons childhood like?

What was William Lloyd garrisons childhood like

What was William Howard Taft's greatest contribution?

it was becoming president and being on supreme court

How did William llyod garrisons anti-slavery society fight againts slavery?

In a number of ways: it printed a newspaper that advocated abolition; it set up stations and conductors on the Underground Railroad; it collected donations to buy the freedom of family members of escaped slaves; it held lectures and meetings whose speakers advocated abolition, some of them escaped slaves; and it supported political candidates who favored abolition.

What is William garrisons attitude toward slavery?

He has a very strong testimony about it.

Compare and contrast the American colonization society with William Lloyd garrisons American antislavery society?

The goal of the American Colonization Society was to relocate slaves and free Blacks to Africa, specifically, modern Liberia. Garrison's organization's goal was immediate abolition of slavery.

How was William Lloyd garrison involved in the underground railroad?

His greatest contribution was the publication of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.

How did William Lloyd garrisons anti slavery society against slavery?

by printing and distributing antislavery pamphlets

How did William garrisons anti slavery society fight against slavery?

by printing and distributing antislavery pamphlets

You started an abolition newspaper called the liberator?

William Garrison

Who led the abolition movement in great Britain?

William Wilberforce.

Did William Wilberforce lead the Abolition of the slave trade?

The Quarkers, James Ramsay, Granville Sharp, Thomas Clarkson and William Wilberforce were humanitarians who contributed to end the abolition of slave trade