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A Yankee was a union solider during the civil war.

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What does the word Yankee have to do with the Revolutionary War?

Yankee was the nickname for the north in the civil war and the south's was the Rebels.

Was there a US Civil War vessel named USS Damn Yankee?

There is no US Civil War vessel named Damn Yankee. There is a musical named Damn Yankee. During the Civil War this term was meant in a derogatory fashion against northerners.

What starts with a Y that has to do with the civil war?


Who is the Yankee general of civil war?


What does Yankee mean in the civil war?


What were nicknames for Northern Soldiers in the US Civil War?

Billy Yankee or just Yankee

What are civil war words that start with y?


What is the nickname for the southern soilders in the civil war?


What is a civil War term beginning with the letter y?


What is a civil war word starting with the letter Y?


What was the andersonsville?

A horrible Yankee prison during the Civil War.

What were northern civil war veterans called?

Yanks. Yankee Doodle.

Where was the campground at Shiloh the civil war?

the Yankee camp was on the tenneessee river

Civil war things that start with the letter y?

Yankee soldiers

Nickname of a northeren soldier during the civil war?

Yankee or Bluebelly.

What name was given to the Yankee supporters of the South in the American Civil War?

A Northerner who sympathized with the South in the Civil War was known as a Copperhead.

What are some civil war terms beginning with y?

Yankee- a term for Northerners

What starts with the letter y that is related to the civil war?

Yankee Yellow Tavern

What did the term Yankee mean during the Civil War?

It was the Southern term for the Northerner.

What war did the Yankees fight in?

Yankee is a term given to people who fought for the North during the civil war.

What is something related to the civil war that starts with a Y?

Yankee Battle of Yellow Tavern

Is Massachusetts a Yankee state during the civil war?

Yes, it was one of the Union states

What were the nicknames for the North Soldiers in the American Civil War?

Billy Yanks Yankee Bluebellies

What was a Yankee soldier?

A Yankee soldier was a union soldier during the American civil war and later a general name given to any American soldier.

Why can the words of Rebel and Yankee be capitalized?

Historians writing about the US Civil War capitalize both Rebel and Yankee. They do so as they are treated as proper nouns.

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