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Urging local governments to buy utility companies Direct election of senators Establishment of an income tax

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What was the goal of the Meiji reformers?

The most common goal was to expand democracy.

Most progressive reformers were?

recent immigrants

What did the progressive reformers want to improve?

most stuff

What were goals of most Progressive reformers?

direct election of senators

What was the mostbasic goal of progressive liberalism?

The What was the most basic goal of progressive liberalism was to promote democracy. They also engaged in charity events and relief programs.

The most important goal for many progressive minded women was?

In the 19th century the most important goal for many progressive minded women was the right to vote. It was finally a reality in 1920.

The most important goal for many progressive-minded women was _______.?

Womens' suffrage.

The most important goal for many progressive-minded women was?

Woman Suffrage

What was the most basic goal of progressive liberalism?

to get government to help reform all areas of life.

What was the most important goal for many progressive-minded women?

The most important goal for progressive-minded women was equality between man and woman. Before women started fighting for equal rights, they were seen more as property and less than men.

What is The most common wave generating force in the ocean?

Progressive Wave ( Gravity waves )

What qualities did many Progressive reformers share?

The question could safely be rephrased to ask, 'What Qualities Did the Few Progressive Reformers Share?'. Because, frankly there have not been that many "progressive reformers" successful enough to be notable. And it is remarkable that two of the the most famous, and effective, reformers are of the same last name. In fact, related. Theodore Roosevelt, first cousin to the later President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both men rewrote the financial playbooks for their time. Both had radical, unpopular approaches to taming an out of control financial market system. Both were highly successful. Teddy Roosevelt established the National Park Service. He saved many famous landmarks from destruction by land speculators, by declaring them "National Monuments" when congress refused to declare them part of the National Park Service. It is of course a matter of opinion, but other than these two men, each with very competitive, massive egos and a populist agenda are virtually unique among progressive reformers. And one, Theodore, was a republican.

What was the most common goal of most early European immigrants to East Asia?

Spreading Christianity

What is the most common yardage kicked in an NFL field Goal?

40 yard avg field goal. Jim Westmoreland

What are some triumphs that happened to Jane Addams?

There were many triumphs that occurred in the life of Jane Addams. She created Hull House, a place where poor women could get away from abusive spouses and receive help with childcare. Furthermore, she worked for women's suffrage and was one of the most progressive reformers during the Progressive Era.

What are the most progressive cities in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the biggest cities, and considered the most progressive by some. Montreal is often considered to be the most progressive of these three.

By 1830 the most pressing social issue for reformers was?

The antislavery movement.

What are the most progressive country in Asia?

Japan is the most progressive country in Asia. The next is China. Then South Korea.

What is most progressive country in Asia?

In terms of development and standard of living, Japan is the most progressive country in Asia. In terms of economy, Qatar is the most progressive country in Asia (and the world).

Which group benefited the most from reform legislation passed during the Progressive era?

Which group benefited the most from progressive legislation.

Is gasoline tax progressive?

No. Most gasoline tax in not progressive. It is a tax per gallon.

Is the future tense the same as the future progressive tense?

No they are not the same. Future can be formed with will / going to or present continuous (progressive).will + verb -- I will see you + going to + verb -- I am going to see her + present participle -- I am seeing her tomorrow.These are the most common ways of talking about the future.Future progressive is:will + be + present participle. This is probably the least common way of talking about the future:I'll be talking to her next week.

Most progressive country?


What did reformers first try to end in the slave industry?

The first thing reformers tried you and, regarding the slave industry, was the import of slaves from Africa. Most slaves came from Africa.

What cause were most women reformers in the first half of the nineteenth century active in?