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What was a major historical event between America and France?

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The Louisiana Purchase (Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to America for 15 million dollars. It doubled the size of the U.S.)

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What important historical event happen between the 1400s and 1600s?

what important historical event happend between the 1400s and 1600s?

What is one historical event that happened in France?

The French Revolution

Is the Statue of Liberty a historical event?

No. A "thing" cannot be an "event". What might be a historical event is the construction of the Statue of Liberty, or the shipping of the statue across the Atlantic, or the acceptance of the gift from the people of France.

What was the historical event that occurred during 1794?

The main historical event was in France, where 1794 witnessed the fall and execution of Robbespierre and the end of the period known as 'the reign of terror'.

What historical event happened between 1865 and1877?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Where is a Historical event between 1860 and 1914?

...the Civil War?

What important historical event took place in France in 1789?

franch people became mad

How does a historical are differ from a historical event?

The difference between 'historic' and 'historical' is that Historic refers to something "important," while Historical refers to something that relates to the past.

What event happened after the Treaty of Paris?

France being removed from North America

What historical event prompted the development of fire fighting tools in North America?

The Industrial Revolution

What historical event happened in North America between the years of 1861-1865?

Between 1861 and 1865 the United States Civil War was fought. It was the bloodiest war in United States history.

What great historical event took place in America seven years after Henry VII took the throne?

Columbus discovered America.

What is the definition of historical materialism in a historical context?

An account of a historical event by someone who witnessed the event.

To which historical event does The Louisiana Purchase refer?

Louisiana Purchase refers to this huge territory in North America that the Americans bought off from France. This was done in the year 1803 in which the US offered 15 million dollars.

What event marked the end of France empire in America?

the formation of the united states,in 1776

What revolutionary war event occurred at machias?

it was between France and Indian

What famous historical event place in 1789 in France?

The French Revolution against King Louis XVI and his 'ancien régime'.

Is taj mahal a historical event?

The Taj Mahal is most definetly a historical event

What was a major historical event during Pocahontas's life time?

The founding of Jamestown in her backyard and the start of the colonies in America.

What was the event that the statue of liberty was built for?

the statue of liberty was a gift from france,then they gave it to america and it went into new york.And then it was celebrated/event for freedom

What are some historical event that occurred between 1929 to 2000?

Well for starters WWII was a pretty huge historical event. The Cold War was a pretty significant event too. Those are the two biggest I can think of just off the top of my head.

What is the proper definition of a primary historical document?

an account of a historical event by someone who witnessed the event

The event that resulted in the Quasi War between the US and France was what?

XYZ Affair

What is the definition of historical fiction?

A dramatization of a historical event

Which event took place between the US and France between 1800-1812?

Louisiana Purchase