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most people were farmers alough they were many different types of farmers

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Q: What was a medieval peasants job?
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What was life like on a medieval manor for a lord?

Life for a medieval lord was great! He collected taxes from peasants, and was fed like A king! But it was a hard job and he always had to check on peasants.

What was a name for medieval peasants?


How long did medieval peasants work for?

Medieval peasants worked all day.

Shelter for peasants?

What work did the peasants do in medieval times

What were the relationships like between the medieval peasants and medieval knights?

The relationship between the knight and his peasants is the manorial system.

Did the Queens in the Medieval ages do work like peasants did?

Never. That is what peasants were for.

What is the lords job in medieval castle?

to control peasants, make sure payments were turned in, and owned land given my king.

What currency did medieval peasants have?

If they had any coins at all (there was no paper money) medieval peasants would have the coins of the realm in which they lived. There were many different realms in medieval Europe.

What did medieval peasants do?

they farmed land

Did Medieval peasants have pets?


Were medieval millers peasants?


What did peasants have to do in medieval churches?


How did peasants in the medieval ages get there water And what it there wasn't a woman in the family to get the water?


Where did medieval lords get their food?

Medieval lords got their food from the peasants

Were blacksmiths considered peasants in medieval ages?

yes they were considered peasants in a way

Who made clothes for medieval peasants?

I pretty sure the peasants made clothes for themselves

What is medieval peasants daily routine?

they ate

What do medieval peasants do in each season?

they eat

In a medieval village who had the least power?

The peasants.

What did the peasants and serfs do in the medieval times?

they farmed :)

What did peasants bake in medieval times?


What are the titles in Medieval Times?

knights and peasants

Who did medieval peasants have power over?


What did peasants in the medieval age sleep on?


What jobs did medieval peasants do in the winter?