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It was a thin but long building made of a wooden frame with daub, it had a mixture of manure, straw and mud to keep it strong. It usally had a hearth in the middle and a smoke hole at the top

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What was the outside of a Tudor peasants house like?

The outside of a tudor house is usuallt make of straw , wood and mud. It was small and not impressive at all.

What was the length of a peasants house?

It was the size of a small bedroom in a modern house. If that large.

What was st Veronicas childhood like?

St Veronica toiled hard around the house and the field. Her parents were peasants and they were poor.

Did the Queens in the Medieval ages do work like peasants did?

Never. That is what peasants were for.

What was life like for peasants at time of the peasants revolt?

it was hard and tiring

Where did a Medieval Reeve Live?

Reeves lived in his or her own village house just like other peasants did. Source(s):My brain

What was life like before the peasants revolt?

it was horrible for the peasants, they were all treated like slaves, it is scary because now that the people that we all live with are not like peasants, because BLACK and WHITE were seperated.

How big is a medieval peasants house?

Small, one room.

What was a peasants house made out of?

Straw, bricks, sticks, glue

How did medieval queens treat the peasants?

Like peasants. They were queens and the peasants were poor people who worked the land or made the things that were needed.

What did medieval peasants sleep with?

Most slept on the floor on top of hay. During the winter time they let the livestock (like the pigs) into their house for warmth.

What animals did peasants have in the middle ages?

Peasants had farm animals like cows, pigs, goats, and sheep.

What were serfs and peasants in the middle ages?

They were servants who usually worked for the women of the house.

What was childhood like for peasants?

really bad.

What Is a Peasant Like In The Present?

There are no peasants today.

What was life like after the peasants Revolt?


What is the role of a medieval knight?

Their role is to kill peasants but they cant kill peasants so they become peasants to kill peasants. And they say that they are like the leaders so they threaten people to hand them their gold and stuff. So the knight is made to defend their kingdom and kill peasants.

What were the relationships like between the medieval peasants and medieval knights?

The relationship between the knight and his peasants is the manorial system.

What is the lower house of the Rigsdag?

The lower house of the Rigsdag was known as the opposition or peasants party and was replaced in 1953 by the unicameral folketing.

What was the substance called that peasants used to make there house walls out of?

Mud, stone and thatching.

What was life like for the Romans peasants?

Life for Roman peasants was harsh. They only had small plots of land and lived in poverty

Where did peasants live?

they lived in a house callled cruck houses wich were named because of the half moon beams to surport the house

What was life like for peasants in ancient Greece?


What are peasants life like?

they did most of the work [to me] and were poor

Why did the peasants start to disobey there lords?

They did not like how they were treating them.