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Q: What was a result of the stale mate in the war in Europe in 1916?
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When did the war become a stalemate?

Neither side could move or win at a certain point it was just a war of attrition. The dead and wounded were continuous and it appeared the fighting could never end. Both sides had made some gains and it was just time to bring it to a halt.

Keep himself to himself?

A mate

Gunner's Mate third Class is what rank?

Pay Grade E-4 (enlisted 4), the lowest rank of a noncommissioned officer (NCO), the same as a corporal in the US Army or Marines. Just above Seaman and below Gunners Mate 2nd Class. Its a type of Petty Officer. The Navy's system is a combination of "rating", (here Gunners Mate) and "rate" (here, Petty Officer 3rd Class) and they are combined into "Gunners Mate 3rd". Petty Officers in the Navy have specialized training, and there are a large number of rates, each with its own special insignia. All Petty Officers wear a sleeve insignia showing their rating and rate. At the top is an eagle, above the insignia of their specialty - for a gunners mate, two crossed cannon. Below that are upside down chevrons (compared to the way an army or marine sergeant wears his). One chevron below is 3rd class, two is second, petty officer first class.

What does MoMM3c indicate?

The old Navy rating MoMM3c stands for "Motor Machinist's Mate, 3rd Class Petty Officer" - the rating was changed after WWII to just Machinist's Mate, and now encompasses many engineering/machinery jobs, from Nuclear Propulsion to Weapons (e.g., the old Torpedoman's rating was merged to MM).

What food did they take in their lunch box in world war 2 evacuees?

well no bananas so mate apples?

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How invented army tanks?

The machinegun and barbed wire were causing a stale-mate in WWI; tanks (being bullet proof and having tracks instead of wheels) were able to break that stale-mate.

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Inept, album, savage, vortex; answer stale mate.

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Why was the stale mate broken in the western front in 1918?

It was broken in 1917 when the Americans enteredthe war on April 6. They joined the allied forces and defeated the central powers.

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