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General distrust of American intentions, even if these look "well intentioned".

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Q: What was a result of us actions in Mexico and china?
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US actions in Cuba and Mexico...?

inspired the growth of revolutionary movements

What was a result of US actions in Mexico and Cuba?

U.S involvement in Mexico and Cuba resulted in the growth of revolutionary movements.

Where is biotite located on earth and the US?

In the town of Mexico and china and japan .

What is the result of the War with Mexico?

US victory and Mexican Cession.

What fear started the Red Scare?

that communists would take over the us government. (apex)

What was result of the war between the US and Mexico?

The US won and received Alta California and Nuevo Mexico by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

What was one result of the war between Mexico and the US?

The US had achieved Manifest Destiny.

What actions should the US take in its policy towards China?

Nightly Business Report

What do Russia China Mexico Britain and the US have in common?

Fajitas. Guacamole too.

Who are the four largest exporters to the US?

in order China, Canada, Mexico, and Japan

What are the top three countries of origin for immigrants to the US?

a) Mexico, India, China

Who was Mexico's biggest trade partner in 2007?

The US, followed by China and Japan.