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The North and The south.

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It was due to the civil war the neighbor nation grasped the chance to expand its territory without any resistance.

Canada was British territory & remained neutral during the Civil War

Dakota Territory, Washington Territory, Indian Territory, Nebraska Territory, Nevada Territory, New Mexico Territory, Utah Territory, and Colorado Territory

it was a territory and became a state in the civil war


The 5 fronts of the Civil War in which Texas was directly involved were: Territory of New Mexico; Confederate Arizona; Indian Territory and Kansas; Missouri; Western Louisiana.

The South had this advantage. Most of the fighting of the Civil War happened in the South, so southern soldiers had the advantage of fighting on familiar territory.

It was mostly fought in the south with the exception of Gettysberg.

Nebraska was not a state during the American Civil War, but a territory of the US. This territory sent troops, although not in great numbers, to fight for the Union. Nebraska became a state in 1867.

Steve Cottrell has written: 'Civil War in the Indian territory' -- subject(s): Five Civilized Tribes, History, Indian Territory Civil War, 1861-1865, Indians of North America 'The Battle of Carthage' 'Effects of the Civil War on the early settlers in the area of present day Joplin' -- subject(s): History, Missouri Civil War, 1861-1865 'The Battle of Carthage and Carthage in the Civil War'

None. North Dakota was not a US state at the time of the Civil War. It was part of the Dakota Territory.

it was a territory then, im pretty sure it wasnt a state

Weapons were used in battle during the civil war, at many battlefields in both North and South territory. The early forms of machine guns were used for the first time in the Civil War.

Israel captured territory in every war it has fought. It was not required to immediately return the territory to its original holder in both the Six Day War of 1967 and the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1991.

At the beginning of the US Civil War, one strength was the size of its territory the North had to conquer. The South as an example was larger than France.

South Territory, Mid West and East Territories.

the British considered the 13 Colonies as part of their territory.

the battles usually took place on there territory

The union, the confederacy, and the border states.Two years after the Civil War the United States purchased which territory from Russia?Alaska was also brought into the U.S. shortly after the civil war from Russia. (e2020)

US gains wanted territory, we become intamately intertwined with Mexico, and the Slave Territory increased(positive for the south at the time, until the Civil War.)

Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.

The Union was much larger, both in number of states, territory and population

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