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"Flat-top" was an affectionate name used by Americans.

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Q: What was an American aircraft called?
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What was an American aircraft called during World War 2?

Flying Fortress

What is an American aircraft called a flying?

perhaps you mean the 'flying fortress' a B17 bomber

Why is anti aircraft called triple a?

Actually, it is not really called anti-aircraft. It is Anti-Aircraft Artillery, which is the name of artillery (guns) that are designed to destroy aircraft.

What was the American spy plane called?

The American U-2 spy aircraft was shot down 1st May 1960. Pilot: Francis Gary Powers.

When did Tiger Aircraft an American aircraft manufacturer based in Martinsburg West Virginia go out of business?

Tiger Aircraft, the American aircraft manufacturer once based in Martinsburg West Virginia went out of business in 2006 due to bankruptcy.

When was Tiger Aircraft an American aircraft manufacturer based in Martinsburg West Virginia created?

Tiger Aircraft was created in 1999.

What is a British fighter aircraft called?

The current British fighter aircraft is called Eurofighter Typhoon.

What is the name of pilotless aircraft?

A pilotless aircraft is called a drone.

What is the exit of an aircraft?

The exit of an aircraft is usually called an exit.

What is an aircraft body?

The body of an aircraft or plane is called the fuselage.

Who is the person who flies an aircraft?

A person who flies an aircraft is called a pilot.

What is the area usually near the front of an aircraft from where a pilot controls the aircraft called?

The cockpit is where the pilot controls the aircraft.

When was the Cessna Aircraft Company founded?

The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded in 1927. The Cessna Aircraft Company is an American general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

When a passenger enters an aircraft what do you call them?

They are called aircraft passengers. What else do you think?

What is the main body or body of an aircraft?

The main body of an aircraft is called the fusalage

What is an aircraft landing strip called?

its called a runway

Some aircraft can fly faster than the speed of sound what is such speed called?

They are called Supersonic aircraft. Some aircraft can only do that. Some planes have reached even Hypersonic speeds.

How many American aircraft were lost in Vietnam War?

Approximately 2,000 fixed wing aircraft were lost; approximately 5,000 rotary-wing aircraft were lost.

What is a very small aircraft called?

a light plane or simply just a small aircraft

Who is the creator of the Blackhawk helicopter?

The creator is Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut.

What is an aircraft with no engine called?

A Glider.

What is an aircraft flap called?

An Aileron

What is an aircraft shed called?


What are aircraft electronics called?


What is an aircraft mission called?