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Q: What was an accomplishment of the Portuguese explorers?
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Who was not a explorer?

The majority of explorers were not Portuguese.

Which accomplishment was not a first for the Portuguese?

The discovery of the New World.

The Portuguese explorers began the age sailing down and around the coast of which continent?

The Portuguese explorers began sailing around the coast of Africa

Who sent Portuguese explorers to Africa?

The King

Who were the early explorers of Kenya?

it was the portuguese

Where did the earliest Portuguese explorers sali?

in Africa

Portuguese explorers were different from spanish explorers because they focused on?

exploring the coast of Africa

What contributions were made by portuguese explorers?

There are a number of contributions that were made by Portuguese explorers. Vasco de Gama discovered various trade routes while {Pedro Alvarez is the one who discovered Brazil. There many other Portuguese explorers who made significant discoveries.

What was the ultimate goal of the early Portuguese explorers?


Where did the Portuguese explorers travel?

Pedro Alvarez Cabral was a Portuguese explorer who discovered Brazil. Vasco de Gama and Bartolomeu Dias traveled around the Cape of Good Hope and the rest of the Portuguese explorers traveled to Africa.

When was Nigeria discovered?

Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to begin trade in Nigeria, and called the port Lagos after the Portuguese town of Lagos, in Algarve.

Where was the plantation system first developed?

The plantation system was first developed by Portuguese explorers in West Africa.