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What was an ancient Egyptian artist called?


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It was called an artisan.

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A sculpture or an artist were like ancient Egyptian artisan.

The Ancient Egyptian crocodile god was called 'Sorbek'

Ancient Egyptian picture writing is called hieroglyphics.

The name for the Ancient Egyptian mascara was called "kohl."

The pyramids were built as ancient tombs of Egyptian kings.

"Artist" was not a term used in the ancient Egyptian language - all such people were classed as craftsmen, along with carpenters, masons and jewellers.In hieroglyphs the word for a potter is written with the consonants qd (vowels were not written). This is closely related to the verb "to build" or "to fashion something by hand".

Having the materials they needed to maintain their livelihood.

They were called Pharaohs

Ancient Egyptian writings are called hieroglyphics.

They are called Egyptian hieroglyphics in modern times. In ancient times, they were called "words of the gods"

There religion was called polyteistic

It's called a sarcophagus

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The ancient Egyptian writing system is called "hieroglyphics."

I am not kidding you. the Ancient Egyptian word for cat was meow

Ancient Egyptian handwriting was called demotic script.

Masada is the name you are looking for

The ancient Egyptian Sphinx has the head of a man and the body of a lion. Also, in Egyptian mythology, there is a creature called the Anubite that is half of a man and half of a jackal.

The ancient Egyptian game of leapfrog was called "khuzza lawizza".

Triangular domes, called pyramids, were ancient Egyptian architecture.

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