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A midden

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Q: What was an ancient garbage dump called?
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Are there garbage dump dwellers in timbuktu?

Are there garbage dump dwellers in timbuktu?

Did ancient Romans collect garbage?

The Romans have big garbage heaps. They used these to dump their garbage in. We know this because the archiologists found them in Pompei under ashes for thousands of years.

What is a large outdoor area for waste disposal?

It is called a Garbage Dump.

Why is the large intestine called the garbage dump?

Feces is formed in the large intestine.

How does a dump cause pollution?

because a dump is usually a dump of garbage and garbage has heaps of bacteria in it with then bacteria is what causes pollution

What is the result of proper disposal of garbage?

A tidy garbage dump.

Who lived by a garbage dump out side maycomb in to kill a mockingbird?

The Ewells lived behind the garbage dump. (pg.183)

Where on Mafia Wars is Garbage Dump?

The Garbage Dump Is Not A Location In Mafia Wars...Its Part Of Rackets...Rackets Is A New Feature Which Only New Users Have...Its A Replacement To Property. The Garbage Dump Is One Of The Location For The Job Racket...

Where can you dump garbage in long island?

Were can I dump garbish in long island

What happens to garbage when it falls down a garbage chute?

It lands in a garbage bin and is later taken to a garbage dump by a garbage truck.

What is the elevation of garbage dump hill in Winnipeg?

What is the elevation of garbage hill winnipeg

Where did the pacific garbage dump start?