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Q: What was bastet believed to control?
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How was bastet created or born?

Bastet was created by her father Re or Ra. She had no mother. It was believed she was created by his develping sperm in the ocean.

What proof is there that the goddess Bastet existed?

Why do you need proof (?) Bastet was the cat goddess of Ancient Egypt. They believed in her. What more do you need to know(?)

Why did the Egyptians mummify cats?

They believed that they were messengers of the Cat Goddess Bastet.

What did bastet control?

Bastet was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sun (originally), the moon (after the Greeks), cats, women, and secrets.

Where does Bastet live?

In ancient Egypt, Bast was believed to have lived among mortals.

Why was Bastet important?

She was important because the Ancient Egyptians believed in her and worshiped cats.

How many people believed in Bastet the cat goddess of Egypt?

There is no certain way to be sure of how many people in ancient Egypt believed in Bast through out history.

Did Bastet have any brothers or sisters?

Sekhmet was Bastet's twin sister. Bastet had no brothers.

Who did bastet marry?

Bastet was consort of Ptah.

Who is Bastet related to?

bastet is related to thoth

What did the Bastet do?

nothing Bastet is a cat goddess

Why did bastet have a head of a cat?

Bastet was a cat!

Did Bastet have any relatives?

bastet had no relatives

Where did Bastet rule in Egypt?

Bastet is a goddess.

Were cats treated like gods in ancient Egypt?

Yes they were because the Egyptians believed that they were messengers of the cat goddess Bastet.

Who was bastet's son?

Bastet's son was the moon god, Khonsu.

Who was the bastet son?

Bastet had a lion-headed son named Maahes.

When Bastet died?

Bastet the Egyptian goddess never died in myth.

Who is Bastet son?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

Who is the son of bastet?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

What did the goddess Bastet rule over?

Cats. Bastet was the goddess of cats.

Is bast the same as bastet?

Bast and Bastet are both the same goddess.

What were bastet powers?

bastet powres were fire she was called lady of the east.

Did bastet have any enemies?

bastet enemies where aphopios serpent scorpion

Is Bastet a lioness or a Cat?

Bastet is a cat! Shekmet is a lioness who used to be ra's warrior but she was too violent and ra had bastet replace her