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During the period of the Red Scare, many people feared that communists, anarchists, and foreigners were plotting to take over the government. Many felt worker's strikes were attempts to upset our economic system and destroy the capitalistic way our economy operated. People who supported Unions of workers were considered subversive by many in government and industry. Such people would have their names placed on lists that were circulated around to other businesses and governmental agencies. If your name appeared on such "blacklists," you would not be hired and/or your actvities would be watched. Many were arrested for crimes or simply for protesting or for being considered foreign anarchists.

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Was the crucible written during the red scare?

The Crucible was not written during the Red Scare, but later on in response to the brutality of the Red Scare.

What is a witch hunt and how did it happen during the red scare?

red scare very importnat.

How many people died during the Red Scare?

no one died as a result of the "Red Scare"!

What does the red mean during the Red Scare?


What caused the red scare and what was its result?

The Red scare was the fear of the spread of communism during the cold war.

What prompted hysteria during the red scare?


What promoted the hysteria during the red scare?

it was mcarthyism

Who was president during the Red Scare?

During the first Red Scare, 1919-1920, the President was Woodrow Wilson. During the second Red Scare, 1947-1957, President Harry S Truman served from 1945 - 1953 and Dwight D. Eisenhower served from 1953 - 1961.

Who was the strong anti-communist director of the FBI during the Red Scare?

J. Edgar Hoover was the strong anti-Communist director of the FBI during the Red Scare.

What were the communist countries during red scare?

Communist countries during the Red Scare include Russia, China, Eastern Europe, and Korea. The Cincinnati Reds baseball team changed their name to the "Redlegs" during the scare so their name wouldn't be associated with communism.

What were Americans afraid of communisn during the red scare?


During the red scare of the 1950s what was america afraid of?


Who was the director of the FBI during the Red Scare?

camila Oliveros

Who are some of the red scare groups?

who was involve in the red scare who was involve in the red scare

Who were the 'reds' during the red scare?

During the "Red Scare" the reds changed there name from the Reds to the Red Legs. But after this, they changed it back to the Reds.

What are the causes and effects of the red scare?

The Red Scare was a fear of communists that Americans had. It was caused by the Russian royal family being overthrown and then murdered. The effects of the Red Scare was a campaign to stop communism during which many people were arrested.

How was the first red scare different from the second red scare?

The two Red Scares focused on different topics involving communism. During the first Red Scare, the fear was focused on the spread of communism via far left agitators. The Second Red Scare, on the other hand, focused on a worker revolution and radical politics.

What happened during the red scare?

People panicked about the spreading of communism.

How many people were found guilty during red scare?


Who was accused of spying and perjury during the red scare?

alger hiss

What political situation prompted the hysteria during the red scare?


How was the red scare different from the Salem witch hunts?

The two big differences are: 1. Salem caused 20 executions. The Red Scare killed no one. 2. There were no witches in Salem but there were real communists in the world during the red scare.

What steps do harry Truman take during the red scare to address public concern about domestic communism?

What steps do harry Truman take during the red scare to address public concern about domestic communism

The red scare was a response to?

The Red Scare was a response to Communism

Who did Americans fear was trying to destroy America during the Red Scare?