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A subtle wheat flavor was considered the ideal taste for pasta, since blandness prevented the pasta noodle from competing with the flavor of the sauce. The ideal texture of pasta was obtained when it was cooked "al dente."

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noodles is similar to pasta but pasta has a more robust taste yet noodles dont have such a robust taste any help? Noodles is Italian, whereas pasta is Chinese.

Wheat free pasta is pasta without wheat, although they do taste the same.

A pasta with a tiny orange taste to it & orange circle look to it

ideal is a matter of personal taste

A spiral pasta is more commonly known as rotini pasta. The pasta is twisted or screw shaped and ideal for hearty meats and sauces.

to be noodly and taste good :)

You add a little sugar, then taste. Add a little at a time, then taste until you have it to the taste you want.

yes but it wont taste good

No, you must deep-fry it to get the great crispy taste. It cannot be from the store. AJ

Adding a little salt to the boiling water gives pasta a little taste or flavor.

You can taste pasta to check if it is done. The pasta should be soft, but have a bit of bite, which is 'al dente'.

Spaghetti is not considered decorative, it is basic.

Not really a good combination.

Many countries have spaghetti and pasta but they are considered Italian food.

For a comparison with methane see the link below. LPG is not considered as an ideal fuel, the ideal don't exist.

Lasagna, Pasta, pizza, haha its a funny question. There are so many that taste good :)

Yes most pastas taste the same . But If you put sauce or spices with it it will taste difrent . But Yes, pasta tastes the same . :)

Pasta is not considered as an organism So it is not scientifically named.That's common sense.

tomatoes and garlic and basil and pasta and cheese

vegtables because they are like peas but their lighter, different taste and smaller but if you use them in pasta, pizza, or sometimes in a burger the yummy & never ever forget them

Pasta is made from flour, water and eggs, or just flour and water. Pasta is not in any way to be considered fatty.

you fill half a pot with water, let it boil, trow as much pasta as needed, trow salt along with the pasta, (taste to check if ready) then drain the water.

Pasta, chicken, pork, etc..taste the pesto and with your individual pallete, think of what it would taste good with!

It usually has an expiration date on the box.. It won't hurt if you eat old pasta though, just may not taste as good.

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