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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created in 1947.

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Q: What was created as the us spy agency after WWII?
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What is abbreviation for US Spy agency?


How do you spell CIA?

The acronym CIA stands for the Central Intelligence Agency (US spy agency).

The US intelligence agency that Johnson illegally authorized to spy on domestic dissenters?

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

When was US Information Agency created?

United States Information Agency was created in 1953.

Who founded the Central Intelligence Agency?

The Central Intelligence Agency was created by the US Congress at the prompting of President Harry S Truman. The idea of the Agency came from William J Donovan, who had created the CIA's predecessor, the WWII Office of Strategic Services. The first Director was Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter.roosevelt asked William j donivan to start it

What is the US spy organization called?

The primary 'spy organization' for the United States is the Central Intelligence Agency, although new agencies are slowly taking on tasks relating to this.

What Steps did the US take to tackle the Great Depression?

Entered WWII, which created jobs.

How did paratroopers in us army begin in World War 2?

WWII created the US Army's airborne units.

US federal agency created to find information overseas?


Which government agencies were created for war?

In the US that agency is the Dept. of Defense.

Who is the current secretary of war?

The position of Secretary of War refers to the leader of the War Department. This agency and position was disbanded in the US in 1947, after WWII. The most similar agency in the US is now the Department of Defense, headed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

What is the name of us spy group?

Us spy group

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