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they just ate food

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Are homo habilis more like homo erectus or more like the australopithecines?

in my opinion homo habilis is more like homo erectus but again that is just my opinion.

What is a homo habilis' life expectancy?

it looks like doo doo

Who was Homo Habilis and what did he do?

Homo Habilis is a human being like us and they are one of our ancestor in the past and Homo Hablils is not a scientific name for it

What did Did homo Habilis look like?

they look like apes

What does the homo habilis habit look like?

Homo habilis make stone tools. They lives in small groups of people and they hunt together.

What did a homo habilis shelter look like?

from branches

Why are Australopithecus Homo habilis and Homo erectus are different from Homo sapiens?

. Australopithecus, Homo habilis and Homo erectus are different from Homo sapiens because the Homo sapiens have a larger brain mass and larger skull structure. The modern human today is related to the early homo sapiens but back then they where a lot shorter and more robust than we are today. And the Australopithecus africanus, Homo erectus and Homo habilis where they had ape like brains but human like jaws and were bipedal.

What occasions were special to the Homo Habilis?

I like fudge and cupcakes

How were homo habilis like us?

They made stone tools.

What was the society of homo Habilis like?

they roamed in small groups.

What was the weather like were homo habilis lived?

There were no plants and it was a dry location

Did the homo habilis paint or carve?

they painted cave drawing like hores and stuff like that

How many types of evolution are there?

well, you get many types like:australopithecus afarensisaustralopithecus africanushomo erectushomo habilishomo sapienhomo sapien sapien

What did Homo habilis do for their dead?

There is no evidence to suggest Homo habilis did anything for their dead. Like most animals they would have left their dead wherever their dead fell. The first evidence for intentional burial of dead is associated with Neanderthal.

What is the difference between homo habilis and homo erectus?

There are many physical and cultural differences between Homo habilis and Homo erectus. Diet: Homo erectus had a much larger proportion of meat in its diet than Homo habilis. Also, H. habilis had stronger teeth so it could eat tougher foods. They both ate their veggies and bone marrow. Fire: H. erectus discovered fire and used it for hunting, fighting, scaring animals, cooking, and making tools, while H. habilis did not have control of fire. Tools: Homo erectus created far more sophisticated stone tools than Homo habilis, and is most well known for its sophisticated biface handaxes. They both had spears and stone tools. Distribution: Homo habilis is only found in Africa, while Homo erectus has a much wider distribution not only Africa but also spreading across areas of Europe and Asia. Morphology: Homo erectus had a proportionally larger brain than Homo habilis, and smaller teeth. See related links below for modern reconstructions of these species physical appearance. Posture: H. erectus walked upright, much like the modern human. However, H. habilis stooped over and did not walk upright. Erectus means upright and habilis means handyman.

Did the Homo habilis live in caves?

Homo Habilis lived under cliffs whenever possible. They didn't live in caves because there was predators in them like bears. There tool making was still very early so they couldn't really defend them self's.

What is the difference between homo sapiens and homo erectus and homo habilis?

Homo habilis was the earliest of these three hominids and perhaps the most ape-like of them, though it did not stop habilis from being the first known hominid to make and use stone tools. Homo erectus was their later descendant. Erectus was smarter, though their brains were still a little smaller than ours. Homo sapiens may be the cleverest of the trio, though we cannot undermine what habilis and erectus had accomplished-habilis discovered how to use and make stone tools, erectus spread across the world and learnt how to use and make fire. Note that the answer to this question is answered in terms of intellegence between the three species. However, the three species never interacted. Habilis died out around 1 million years ago. Erectus first appeared at around this time, but died out 70 thousand years ago. There is no known evidence of erectus and sapiens interacting.

What is a homid?

Somebody that was an early human, someone like cave man, the first people of earth. Some are like Neanderthal, Homo habilis and Australopithecus.

What did Homo habilis look like?

See related links below for an image of Homo habilis. Homo habilis lived 1.9 million years ago to 1.5 million years ago in Africa. Some animals from this time period are zebra, giraffe, elephants, ostrich, fowl and wild hare. They had a face like Australopithecus afarensis, which means that they had a jutting jaw, and a prominent brow, but they had a larger brain than Australopithecus afarensis. They too had long arms, possibly 5ft tall and 100lbs. Homo habilis where scavengers, but they might have been hunters. They used tools from bones and stones. They lived in bands, small groups of people. There is no evidence of spoken language. __________________________________________________________________ Homo Habilis looked remarkably like Homo sapiens ... he lived from 2.3 to 1.4 million years ago, and did not look like a Australopithecus.... they looked like a chimp, but taller, and with less hair. Much less hair, as it was considerably hot 2.3 millions years ago. they had a brain capacity of 600 cm³, and were very smart. One of the most advanced homind's for its time.

What are early hominids?

Early hominids are early people who were in the process of emerging from the monkey in this order 1st Austrolapithicine 2nd Homo Habilis 3rd Homo Erectus 4th Homo Sapien Homo sapien is what we are As theese hominids emerge they get stronger,smarter, and more human like.

Is homo erectus is nickname handy man?

I guess you can call him whatever you like; it's not like he's around to get upset about it.However, "Upright Man" is a better transation.("Handy Man" would be more applicable to Homo habilis).

What is a tigers daily life like?

what is a tiger's daily life like

What are the nick names for all the cave men?

the homo habilis were called the the handy men, the homo Erectus were called the upright humans because they had straight bodies like humans, the Neandrathals were called the wise humans aka homo sapiens, the cromagnons were called the modern humans.

What continent did the first human come from?

The first human-like creatures were found in Africa, in Tanzania for Homo habilis. "Lucy" the austrolopithecus was found in Hadar, Ethiopia.

What was life like for the early homo ergasters?


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