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Air planes were mass produced because of the many new bombs an such made also there were more air battles.

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Airplanes in World War 1?

300,020 airplanes where used in world war 1

Airplanes World War I?

They were used. There were many different types. There were mono, bi and triplanes.

What is the purpose of airplanes during World War I?

Airplanes were mostly used as Spy Planes in World War 1.

When were airplanes used in world war 1?

Airplanes were used from the beginning of the war. Most militaries had an air branch when WW1 started.

Where were airplanes used during World War 1?

there were no airplanes in the word war 1. __ The use of airplanes in the military pre-dates WW1. Airplanes were used for recon, bombing missions and fighters.

What date were the first airplanes used in World war 1?

Airplanes in World War One were invented in 1914 where drastic changes were made in technology.

What were the theories of the use of air power in World War 1?

Before World War 1, airplanes were used for recreation. However, during World War 1 airplanes were used for reconnaissance and spying on the enemies. Airplanes were also used as fighter jets and as bombers. Airplanes changed warfare greatly and allowed for blitz attacks and air warfare.

What where airplanes used for in war world 1?

Reconnaissance flights

How is War World 1 different from other war?

The first war between flying machines (airplanes).

What were airplanes first used for in World War 1?

Airplanes were used from the very onset of the war. Most of the countries involved in the war had small airforces long before the war actually broke out.

Who first used Airplanes for war in World War 1?

Airplanes were part of the armies on both sides before the war began. They were used for recon by the Allies and Central powers from the outset of the war.

How did technology make World War 1 different from earlier wars?

airplanes were the most different.

When did the airforce Jon World War 1?

Airplanes were used from the very beginning of the war.

What are World War 1 airplanes used for?

Airplanes were used to direct artillery, do reconnisance, transport fighters, and as bombers during WW1.

What year were airplanes first used in World War 1?


When were airplanes introduced into world war 1?

Airplanes were introduced to war before WW 1. Airplanes were first used in the Italian-Turkish war in 1911-ish. It was Italy against the Ottoman empire.

Damage was widespread during World War 2 mainly because?

airplanes were used in this war

What types of munitions were used in the second world war?

Many different types of ammunition were used by various countries during World War II. Some were bombs dropped from airplanes, bullets shot from different types of guns, and torpedoes shot from submarines.

How were World War 2 airplanes used?

to kill Germans and kick ass

Was world war 1 the first time airplanes were used as weapons?


What kinds of airplanes were used during the civil war?

There were no airplanes back in the Civil War

What are the new 4 weapons used in World War I World War 1?

Airplanes, poison gas, machine guns and tanks.

What war were machines used?

During World War Two, the first mechanized warfare was used in fighting. This was in the form of tanks and airplanes.

What were the new weapons used in world war 1?

Mustard gas, Tanks, Airplanes

Were airplanes used in world war 1?

Yes. As well as blimps and carrier pigeons.