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If you mean how it was different from the previous Mercury and Gemini missions, then one difference was that it carried three astronauts instead of two in Gemini and one in Mercury. There was also more room to move around (although still cramped) which resulted in some space sickness in certain astronauts for the first time.

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Q: What was different about the Apollo Command Module?
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What is the command module in Apollo 13?

The command module for Apollo 13 was called Aquarius. The lunar module was called Aquarius.

What was the name of the Apollo 13 command module?

The Apollo 13 Command Module was 'Odyssey' . Aquarius was the Lunar lander.

What are the three modules in the Apollo spacecraft?

The Apollo spacecraft has three modules the Service module, the command module and the lunar module.

What are the main parts to Apollo 13?

The main parts of Apollo 11 were the command module and the lunar module.

What are the two parts of the Apollo 13?

The two parts of the Apollo 13 are the command module and the lunar module.

What was the name of the command module of the Apollo 11 spacecraft of 1969?

The Command Module was called Columbia ( the lunar module was named Eagle.)

What are the two parts of the spacecraft Apollo 11?

They are the command module and the lunar module.

What was the name of the Apollo 11 Command Module?


What was the Apollo command and module size?

It is hard to tell

Is Lunar Spacecraft capitalized?

The proper names of the Apollo Program's spacecraft, and as such should be capitalized, are: Apollo Command Module (abbreviated CM) Apollo Service Module (abbreviated SM) Apollo Lunar Module (abbreviated LM) Note that when the CM and SM are joined, they become a single spacecraft known as the Apollo Command/Service Module, or CSM.

Why command module of Apollo 11 could not land on the moon?

They were just not built to do it... too heavy, no legs, etc. Command Modules do not land on the moon. The command module is the main capsule for the Apollo program. The lunar module of Apollo 11 however did land on the moon on the 21st of July 1969.

2 What were the three parts of the Apollo 11 spacecraft?

Service Module, Command Module, Lunar Module.

Who was the pilot of the command module on Apollo 11?

Michael Collins

Who was command module pilot on Apollo 17?

Ron Evans

Why did they do Apollo 7?

Apollo 7 was launched to test the Command Module, with crew on board, in space.

What was left of the Apollo 11 after the mission?

The Apollo 11 command module only returned to earth.

Which Apollo rocket did Snoopy and Charlie Brown ride on?

Apollo 10 where the lunar module was called Snoopy and Charlie Brown was the command module .

What was the mission of Apollo 11 called?

The Apollo 11 was called Apollo11 , the command module was called Columbia and the lunar module was called Eagle.

Which part of the Apollo spacecraft came back to Earth?

The Command Module.

Who was the pilot of Apollo 11?

The command module pilot was Michael Collins.

Where has the Apollo 11 gone?

If you ask of the command module, then it is in a museum in Washington.

How was Michael Collins famous?

he was the command module pilot for apollo 11

Was any part of the Apollo 11 reusable?

Yes it was the command module.

How did the Apollo 13 mission get home?

The Apollo 13 astronauts sat in the command module and returned to the earth.

Why did Michael Collins pilot Apollo 11?

Michael Collins was the command module pilot of Apollo 11.