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Q: What was distroyed in the World War I?
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Did Kyoto get distroyed in World War 2 by the usa's atomic bomb?


What issues or events brought on civil war in England?

A man who farted and distroyed half the world

Why did Europeans leave their homes after the war?

because their homes were completely distroyed

How many towns have been destroyed in the afghan war?

nearly 1,000 town have been distroyed.

How did the hanging gardens become distroyed?

there where several earthquakes and it distroyed it completely

Did World War 2 end in 1945 or did its effects carry on into the 1950's and 1960's?

ww2 did end in 1945 but it took so long to clean up all the distroyed towns and buildings

Who distroyed the roman empire?

It was the saracens. After the empire was distroyed, the Turkish empire was started there by the saracens.

What of the world if there is no life after death and all die?

The world would continue to exist until or unless distroyed by some cosmic event.

Can black holes be distroyed?

No they cannot.

What happend to the bell system?

It was distroyed.

How did Katrina effect children?

it distroyed schools

Where are a red blood cells distroyed?

The liver.