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What was done to stop Hitler?


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World War 2 happened to stop Hitler.


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they can not do any thing because they are very afraid of Hitler

well they could have just asked him not too

Actually, Hitler took his own life.

Nothing. No one knew that it was coming, not even the Germans, or Hitler himself.

No one stopped Hitler because he would kill them immediately.

Do not know do not care it is history done and over. get over HITLER

Who or what was there to stop him?

To stop Hitler and help stop the Jew's persecution

There were no plans to Stop Hitler until he attacked Poland.

people were scared that Hitler was too powerful and if they tried something to stop him they too woukld be killed.

Hitler is an important figure in history for "what not to do", if someones being prejudice then someone might say stop being a Hitler, if he would not have done what he did we wouldn't have much to compare evil things to. Hitler also proved that not all things considered "pure:" are always right. Evil figures like Hitler are necessary to make sure we all know who the good guys are.

Both hitler and gaddafi for the evil things they done, gaddafi and hitler killed inicent people for no reason

The cast of What Hitler Has Done to Tel Aviv - 2011 includes: Adolf Hitler as himself Yael Katzir as herself Nurith Knaan Kedar

In 1945 when he comitted suicide

They did nothing to stop Hitler intill after Attacks onto Pearl Harbor.

he done it by speaking out of his mouth

USSR was an ally with the west, in fact Hitler invaded the USSR.

In the end Hitler was a coward and couldn't face the consequences of what he had done.

no. Hitler killed himself because the nazi party decided that they would not take orders from anyone and they tried to burn Hitler. does that answer your question??

Yes, they were called the Allies...

When he put a bullet in his head.

let him have his way and he'll stop, didn't work though.

they should, but they couldn't. They could not stop him, because what would they stop at that time?, just a fuhrer, he hadn't do anything bad yet, until September first 1939, that's when they could have stop him, and they tried, but at that moment Italy and Japan where already protecting him. France & Britain would, without doubt, have been able to stop Hitler had they reacted with Military power when Hitler re militarised the Rhineland. Had they done so, acted with firmness & determination, then History would of course be very different. But, of course, that is in 20/20 Hindsight !! But the answer to the question is unequivocally YES

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