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please repost question with more specifics please

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Q: What was home life like?
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How was Life like at home 1914?

life at home was boring even thogh i was not alive

What is home life like in Spain?


What was spartan's home life like?

it was boring

What was home life like after the Norman conquest?

after the Normans invaded home life stayed exactly the same xx

How was Abigail Adams home life like?

She enjoyed her home and siblings as she did her parents

What was Abraham Lincoln home life like?


What is a permanent life policy?

A permanent Life policy is Whole Life or Universal Life. It builds a cash value. When deciding which is best for you consider this, Term insurance is like renting a home, Permanent is like buying the home. 4lifeguild

What was Ronald Reagan's home life like?

ronald reagan moved alot in his life

What life was like and their home life?

it was really bad could you explain it more please

What was johnnys life like in the outsiders?

his life is tragic because his parents abused him, and treated him like crap. He feels like home in the gang.

What was Selena Gomez home life like?

her home life was great , she didn't have any problem's concerning money . She was a typical girl that was spoiled .

What are the release dates for Life Is Like - 2007 Home Pedicures Made Easy?

Life Is Like - 2007 Home Pedicures Made Easy was released on: USA: 1 November 2007

What is home life like in Chembakolli?

For those who inhabit Chembakolli, they have learned to adapt to its various elements and even enjoyed home life from time to time! ;)

What was life like for colonial kids?

They went to a schoolhouse, and at home they do chores

What was life like for people back home in ww1?

screwed up

What is svalbard home life like?

boring and rubbish I hope that helps =)

What are the release dates for Trauma Life in the E-R- - 1997 No Place Like Home?

Trauma Life in the E-R- - 1997 No Place Like Home was released on: USA: 1999

What was later life like for home children?

It generally went on as normal until the parents died or moved out, and was then replaced by later adult and elderly home life.

What was German home life like during World War Two?


What is the family or home life of people in Puerto Rico?

they live like us

What was home and community life like in the southern colonies?

it was hard because of slavery

What was life on the home front like during World War 1?

it was hard

In the story ''Eveline'' by James Joyce what was Eveline's home life like?

in the story evelin by james joyce what was eveline´s hoe life like?

What is Justin Biebers life like at home?

it is very good he gets treated well

What life was like for girls in Athens?

they stayed at home and did chores and learned how to sew ect.