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It was the first "major" battle of the Civil War, and was unique because during the Battle, people watched while having picnics.

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Q: What was important about Fort Sumter?
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What happens at fort Sumter?

What happened at fort Sumter why was it so important to the civil war

Who was important in the battle of fort Sumter?

Jefferson Davis was important in the battle at Fort Sumter. He sent officers to the fort to ask the union army to surrender the fort in April 1861. He was born in Kentucky and was elected president of the Confederacy. Bombed Fort Sumter.

Why is Fort Sumter important to history?

Fort Sumter is important to history and especially to that of the United States, because it marks the outbreak of the American Civil War.

Why did the south want fort Sumter?

Control of Fort Sumter was very important to the South, because it needed the fort to control access to a major port.

Why was the fort Sumter so important?

From a military point of view, Fort Sumter was important because it dominated the access to the Bay of Charleston and was the most important element of the city's defensive system towards the sea.

Is fort Sumter a museum?

Fort Sumter was a fort back when Lincoln was president.

Why is fort Sumter important?

because it was where the civil war started.

Important victories in the confederate army?

victory at fort Sumter

Why was Fort Sumter so important to the US Civil War?

The Confederate capture of Fort Sumter was important to the US Civil War because it was the event that led to the US Civil War.

What goemtric shape was fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter was a pentagon.

What is the nickname for fort Sumter?

what is the nickname for the battle fort sumter

Why was Fort Sumter important to Abe and Jefferson Davis?

it started the war, also it was a federal fort

How did the war in Fort Sumter begin?

The more important of the lair was square-walked Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor within fewer than hundred men.

Why was Fort Sumter important to the Confederacy?

this was the souths most important cotton market port

What town was Fort Sumter in?

Fort Sumter is in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where was the location of Fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter "is" in Charleston, South Carolina.

How many cannons were there at fort Sumter?

There were 13 cannons at Fort Sumter.

What state is fort Sumter in?

Fort Sumter is in Charleston South Carolina.

What are the south's nicknames in the fort Sumter?

what are the souths nickname for the fort sumter

Where did the battle fort Sumter took place?

Fort Sumter in SC.

What states is Fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter is located in South Carolina .

Why was fort Sumter important in the civil war?

it was inportant to end slavery

What is an important event that occurred in South Carolina?

attack on fort Sumter

Was Fort Sumter a Union fort?

Yes Fort Sumter was a Union fort. It was located in Charleston harbor, South Carolina.

Was Fort Sumter a battle?

There was a battle for Fort Sumter in the American Civil War.