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his favorite color is green

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What was John Cabot's child hood like?

it was exciting!

Where is john cenas dad from?

I believe he is from Massachusetts, like his son.

What is John Cenas astrological sign?

hes a Taurus like me

What was John Tylers child hood like?

it was terrible and he was abbused u idiot who serched this

What does john cenas wife look like?

Take a look at the link below.

Can you buy John Cenas pumps. If so where?

If you look at cenas shoes he has regular shoes on like nikes or adidas. so probably yes

How was ciara child hood like?

ciara child hood was good

What was John Steinbeck child hood like?

Very Rough, Got into brawls in the school yard

What does john cena house look like?

john cenas house is huge with he has lots of cars and a swimming pool

What was Dr. Seuss's child hood like?

Dr. Seuss got bullied in his child hood.

What was thomas edison's child hood like?

he was a happy child

What does john cenas home look like?

John cena's is very big and he has a garden for mor information go to google imagies and you will see it.

What was Hitlers child hood like?

Hitler had good child hood he was the 4 born out the six brother and sisters

What is john cenas hair cut?

It looks like John Cena has a faded military crew cut, but used to have a mohawk when on UPW as ht Prototype.

What was Betsy Ross's child hood like?

Betsy Ross' child hood was like she had 16 siblings including her, and her parents names were Sam and Rebecca Griscom

Are you John Cenas friend?

No I am not john cena's friend but i wouldlove to meet him I am the real Batista and cena is my best friend and u spell my name like this Bautista

What was Roosevelt's child hood like?

Eleanor Roosevelt was kind of an awkward child.

What was paul revere's child hood like?

it was awesome

Abraham Lincoln child hood?

like he was in hell

What was LeBron James child hood like?

He like playing basetball.

What was Jackie robensons childhood like?

what was Jackie joyners child hood like

What was Wayne Gretzkys child hood like?

A lot of hockey

What was child hood like for Rudolf diesel?

he had a red nose

What was Jim Carrey's childhood like?

= Early child hood = = Childhood Facts = = Family = = Education = = Early child hood = = Childhood Facts = = Family = = Education =

What was Lil Wayne's child hood like?

i don't know Damien seidler