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What was life in 1926 like?


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March 01, 2012 7:04PM

i was born in 1926 and life for my coal miner family was rough. my mom was a housemaid and all the men in my family worked in the coal mines. we lived in Beckemeyer, illinois. didn't have much in the material sense but we had lots of love. all our food was home grown, yes even the meats. our bathroom was behind the house and darn cold in the winter. my gram made ice cream and butter with a churn and to this day i can still taste that icecream although it has been over 70 years since she made some. when we moved to chicago in 1930 i remember the street car (no bus) fare was 3 cents. also i remember riverview park (my home away from home) now that was real entertainment before 1930 there was no movie house so i cant speak about who was on the screen (if anybody)