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Hard, very hard would sum it up. It was horrific, usually, you were knee-deep in water, corpses, garbage and human feces, as latrines were almost non-existent. You were getting shot at all the time, no sleep, hardly any food, (none of it was good either). MOst of the time you could never take off your clothes, or your boots(which people would die from the latter) and not be able to wash. Sometimes, you would have the enemy throw gas bombs into your trench, which would kill you (very painfully) and having artillery being shot at your trench constantly (almost for weeks at a time), Random night raids(you doing it, and it done to you) You would be forced over the top, get shot if you didn't (by your own men), get shot at, and run back if you didn't get through. You could hardly even poke your head over the top(The enemy would shoot you within seconds). Over 90 million people died in 4 years. Life as a soldier would change you forever. And people said it was good, many men volunteered, lying about their ages to get in. They died. Life was crap

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Q: What was life like as a ww1 soldier?
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