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Q: What was life like during the world war 1 for the African Americans?
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Who dies younger Mexicans or African-Americans?

African-Americans die younger. During 2010, Mexican life expectancy was of 76.47 years, while African Americans have a life expectancy of only 72.8 years.

How was life for African-Americans in the 1920s?

How was life in the 1920s for African Americans?

How did life change for African American during the war?

Slow, and gayly with no food, so the African Americans were abandoned.

WHAT was the unemployment rate during the great depression for African Americans?

The Depression did have some sort of effect on the African Americans, but not as much as the White people. During the Great Depression, the African Americans explored more in the arts and literature part of life. They introduced a new type of music to the world... Jazz. They had been somewhat succesful during this time.

What did African Americans leave behind during the great migration?

African Americans left the south. Most African-Americans had remained in the south following emancipation. However, Jim Crow racism, made life difficult for them. As a result the Great Migration to the Northern cities occurred.

Mary church terrell was known for what?

she was known for changing life for African Americans and being onwe of the first African Americans to get a college degree and her book named a colored women in a white world

How did World War 2 change the life's of African Americans and Japanese Americans?

Maybe because Americans and the Japanese where on different sides so the Japanese Americans would have their families broken up and possibly have to choose a side . im not sure why African Americans would be affected

How did plantation owners and other white southerners make life difficult for African Americans?

they made life difficult by not hiring the African Americans in there buissnesses

Why was life during the war harder in the south than it was in the north?

Because they had racism , and slaves and African Americans didnt have any rights

How did slavery affect African American life?

All African Americans were slaves.

What did NOT characterize African-American life during World War 2?

Segregation finally ended

What was life like for Americans living in US during world war 2?

freaken hard