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Christianity, increase of population in cities, and the Norman conquest of England in 1066 A.D.

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Christianity, increase of population in cities, and the Norman conquest of England in 1066 A.D.

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Q: What was literature in the Middle Ages impacted by?
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How did literature change during the Middle ages?

because of me

What was the theme of most works of visual arts and literature in the middle ages?

In the middle ages, there are much stories about knights. You have the stories about King Arthur for example. Also, animals were important in the middle ages. This is only about literature, but I don't know about arts.

How did the new vernacular literature reflect the growing national pride in the middle ages?

There was no literature in the middle ages. It takes a printing press to publish literature and that wasn't invented until 1446 in Germany. People couldn't read or write in the middle ages so no one could read literature, if it had existed. Because there was no "new vernacular literature" it did not reflect a national pride. People also didn't have "nationalism" in the middle ages. They owed an allegiance to a king and the nobility.

The middle ages is also known as?

rebirth of art music and literature

How does literature reflect aspects of European culture in the Middle-Ages?

poetry from the serfs

What has the author Rebecca Barnhouse written?

Rebecca Barnhouse has written: 'Recasting the past' -- subject(s): American Young adult fiction, English Young adult fiction, Bibliography, History and criticism, Books and reading, Young adults, Middle Ages in literature 'The Middle Ages in literature for youth : a guide and resource book / Rebecca Barnhouse' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Middle Ages, Young adult literature, Juvenile literature, Children's literature, Middle Ages in literature 'The coming of the dragon' -- subject(s): Norse Mythology, Wiglaf (Legendary character), Dragons, Beowulf (Legendary character), Heroes, Fiction, Identity, History

How did religion impact lives the lives during the middle ages?

religion impacted for the land the christians fought for the land and so did the muslims that impacted a big thing on religion

How did Christianity and Feudalism affect the lives of people in the middle ages?

Christianity impacted the lives of people in the Middle Ages because it provided them with faith and gave them a worldly perspective since science had not evolved yet. Feudalism caused people in the Middle ages to seek changes in government.

What were the genres of literature during the Middle Ages?

There were quite a few, see the link below for all of them.

What has the author Theodore L Steinberg written?

Theodore L. Steinberg has written: 'Jews and Judaism in the Middle Ages' -- subject(s): History, Intellectual life, Jews, Judaism 'Reading the Middle Ages' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Medieval Literature 'Jews and Judaism in the Middle Ages (Praeger Series on the Middle Ages)'

Why were most people unable to read in the middle ages?

they didn't have access to literature ... books, schools, or libraries.

How many ages are there in English literature?

victorian age augustan age middle age modern age

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