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What was main concern in America during the cold war?


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Avoiding nuclear war. (Avoiding MAD...Mutually Assured Destruction).

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the main concern was the threat of nuclear attacks and trying to stop the growth of communist countries.

they were afraid we would become communist like the Russians

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The main concern of the Soviet Union during the Cold War was to match or exceed American and NATO military might so as to deter any offensive action on their part -- or emerge victorious from any direct conflict. Hand in hand with this concern, the Soviet Union also sought to establish friendly rulers and governments in other nations in the world-community.

Over all Nuclerer war, secound the complete destruction of Europe, third the spread do communisume.

Defense of escalating nuclear attack threats, and stopping the growth of communist countries.

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The main concern of the US during the cold war was preventing a nuclear war (aka atomic war). The only two major wars during the cold war were Korea & Vietnam; Korea was close to going nuclear which had a lot to do with GEN MacArthur's removal from command in Korea. During the Vietnam War, the commander in chief went out of his way to avoid Soviet/Red Chinese casualties at Haiphong Harbor or SAM installation missile sites, etc. as well as NOT invading North Vietnam. These actions (policies) were taken by the US President to AVOID a nuclear confrontation with those super-powers.

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The Cold War involved two very large alliances, but the main countries which were are the center of those opposing alliances were the United States of America, and the Soviet Union.

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Defense of escalating nuclear attack threats, and stopping the growth of communist countries. To go more in depth of concerns from both sides, there is a helpful link underneath That the USSR would work to spread Communism.

During the Kennedy administration, one main problem was the Soviet threat in Cuba. This lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

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